01/08/2021 10:01

$Bionano Genomics For anyone freaking out or doesn't know what the Offering means for them. Basically Bionano filed during their IPO to set aside some of their shares to be sold at a later time when the company needed money for either covering debts or growth and expansion.

This Shelf Offering will dilute shares by 15-30% but ONLY upon release!

With the Symposium the 11th-15th, Saphyr and other news share value will increase.

Just watch the big bags here they aren't selling they are waiting to buy.
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iluvbags01/08/2021 10:45
look at nndm. they had 4 offering in 2 months.. and now they have 500 million cash with zero debt.. the only question that needs to be asked is who bought the offering. ark?🤗 to the fn moon if they did.

dle***com01/08/2021 10:46

boom prime example


dle***com01/08/2021 10:21
Buy, buy now, buy on the dip, just buy doesn't matter when.
I'm telling you the price is going to go up why else would they drop more shares if they didn't expect whatever they are planning to cover it.
You don't throw your money away I highly doubt their CEO does


Npb***com01/08/2021 10:17
With this 7 day old study showing ways BNGO is more efficient than PACB, a lot of people will now be curious on what they will be presenting on Jan 11 - 15 at the "Next-Generation Cytogenomics Symposium" .symposium will be attended by renowned genomics experts. I believe this will be a success because the study from the Human Genome Structural Variation Consortium already showed great strengths BNGO has over PACB (ARKG #1 spot).
FDA approval - I think the study showing the efficiency of the BNGO product gives me confidence they will get approval eventually and if not soon, it will lead to financial support for them to stay afloat until they can get FDA approval.
With Ark Invest already showing interest and Cathie Wood saying she believes the next FAANG stocks are in genomics, I think if they invest in BNGO this stock could possibly perform similar to what PACB did (at one point in 2020 it had 10x'd)


AN01/08/2021 10:13
Why while i still can buy the dip at 2 or 3 public offering means the price go down if u bought at the top u may Avarge down or may hold as It will Go back to 10


Hugh Jassole 01/08/2021 10:04
been holding for months and will continue to hold

dle***com01/08/2021 10:09

Good continue to do so. That's the right answer.


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