01/09/2021 02:32

$Bionano Genomics [Basic scientist with 30 years experience in molecular biology here] Entering the discussion here as I've observed an unfortunate misapprehension by those on either side of the Bionano Genomics debate. That is the mistaken belief that Bionano has somehow fallen short of the mark because the performance spectrum of their Saphyr platform operates most efficiently at SV 500 bp>. Accordingly, some have pointed to Pac Bio's SMRT sequencing approach -- wherein their tool's discernment works best with SV's < 500 bp.

Thus, the fallacy seems to surmise that Bionano constitutes a less precise, and therefore less useful tool. I'll not enter into an exhaustive disquisition on the nano scale-landscape as the operative differentials are esoteric even for many MD clinicians. But let me just note that from a bioinformatics standpoint, Bionano's OM system constitutes a true paradigm shift that will soon affect multiple realms of science and medicine.

Let's shed light by giving the discussion some useful context.

From the middle of the past century until now, the state of art has been population based and akin to 'shotgun medicine'. Therefore, as we all know, a broad spectrum antimicrobial works against numerous pathogenic organisms -- but also tends to decimate one's microbiome.

Tools such as Saphyr will be part of the transformation from population based to individual based treatment, and the development of targeted /sniper bullet' therapies. It is now widely understood that this revolution will directly and substantively change medicine as we know it. From infectious disease, to ameliorating the impediments of aging, to the treatment of cancer, the new targeted therapies will be designed specifically for the individual and thus will work far more effectively, efficiently -- and with far fewer negative side effects.

Particularly exciting are the new possibilities in addressing heretofore refractory genetic susceptibilities and complex trait disorders where structural variants both <500 bp and 500 bp> occur. Here, a confluence of bioinformatics and dynamic modulation (e.g. crispr) will identify risk factors, localize their genomic locale and edit or ablate them as needed. This has resonance in the treatment of birth defects such as mitochondriopathies, lysosomal storage diseases etc.

By the end of next week a number of quite remarkable proof-of-principle success (rescue of phenotype) stories will have been presented by Bionano. My hope is that those invested in this company will come to recognize that they're quite literally contributing to bringing forward one of the most salutary advances of our time.
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bra***com01/09/2021 10:22


cybertrade12301/09/2021 07:28
Thanks we don’t get many multiparagraph knowledge drops here in the Webull chat. Very refreshing.


Pancho091101/09/2021 05:43
Did you refrence this??? I know you didn’t come up with this. 👀


The***com01/09/2021 05:19
Thanks for the well articulated share! Also, lovIng the anjuna profile pic 🤍🎵🤍 cheers!

WookOnWallStreet01/09/2021 09:15

anjunabeatsssss 💃


McCord Trading Co.01/09/2021 05:14
True, but.... Will they profit, will they sell shares to raise money, will the ceo sell out or take another job. Stock market isnt all black and white.


AA01/09/2021 04:47
🙌🏼 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼


Big***com01/09/2021 04:05
GReat write up...It is nice to be able to verify my DD .....This needs to go viral ....and tweeted.....


GodsWill01/09/2021 03:34
Great post thanks for this


Adam_Stocktraderz01/09/2021 03:14
You get it! And you used big words. Thank you for this!!! Not sure everyone realizes the patents that they have acquired as well....there’s a reason why theyre the only ones doing this....


lastEmu01/09/2021 03:09
Awesome post Doc! It's crazy living in the future!

Could you please enlighten us on the difference between long read and short read and their usefulness / application? My understanding is LR (bngo) and Sr (pacbio, crspr) are not competitive but instead complementary tech each with their own pros/cons.

Additionally could you please explain in layman's terms the difference between conventional methods and optical mapping.

Thank you !

Chad01/09/2021 03:39

equally neat others. Hope that helps in layman’s terms!

Chad01/09/2021 03:38

Imagine a broken machine, but one that is so opaque you can‘t see inside to figure out whats busted. Think of BNGO as a brand new window, that for the first time, allows you to see inside and recognize what little pieces need jiggering so you can fix the parts that are broken. Better still, its also a window the permits jiggering to fix stuff that isnt even broken yet, but probably will be in time! And you‘ve got a handy dandy tool kit filled with crazy cool stuff like CRISP/Cas9 and a few


VJ-LIZ01/09/2021 03:05
Thank you very much for your insight!!!!!


Tkr***com01/09/2021 02:59
Seems like a InsIder of $Bionano Genomics . Publicity stunt. hope what you wrote is accurate. Unfortunately this company pulled Such trick 3 tImes earlier when about to be delisted from NASDAQ .

Adam_Stocktraderz01/09/2021 03:15

Dur dur dur, you still waiting for that $3? Or are your shorts lower?


JG300001/09/2021 02:53
Excellent and useful dialog. Bravo!


Th€ Singularity01/09/2021 02:48
i believe in the company and tech but this whole post and comment section here is obviously an ad of sorts


maffius01/09/2021 02:46
wow im speachless. you sir are a genius. thanks!

Sportfisher101/09/2021 02:55



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