01/09/2021 07:20

$Bionano Genomics guys did aome digging on this newly appointed CFO who used to be a top executive in Tesla. This guy jumpshipped knowing that he cannot execrise is Tesla stocks. This happened 5 m nths back when Tesla stocks were skyrocketing. he would not have jumpshipped to BNGO without great promise. Also he has been a CFO in many other pubciliy traded companies. We are un goods hands people . We just have to ride this rocketship with patience
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cybertrade12301/09/2021 18:02
He must’ve thought this was a better prospect than TSLA wow!


Adam_Stocktraderz01/09/2021 14:14
You forgot the fact that that he turned down salary for more stock options......I believe he knew what was coming...

$ocraye3401/09/2021 16:11

When that happened it restored my faith i was doubting then it seemed like every time I started thinking I could be making money somewhere else they would drop something that would make me stay only happened a few times but still.


757****14401/09/2021 09:53
this is false. he was CFO of a company Tesla acquire and ran that business unit for them.

Gop***com01/09/2021 14:05

Thats why i mentioned he was a top executive at Tesla.

ShirBlackspots01/09/2021 13:51

Maxwell Technologies, I believe.


n8s***com01/09/2021 08:50
that's awesome thanks


$ocraye3401/09/2021 07:46
yes when he joined was one of the things that really got my attention.


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