01/09/2021 17:41

$Bionano Genomics I love charts. been reading them 8 years now. many people open their mouth but don't give much reason behind what they say. no matter what is in the comments and what the price action does intraday, this stock is trading lower and lower to fill gaps and form the bottom of a cup before it rips again. that's without news. that's what it will do.
Bionano Genomics-0
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GrahamsDevil 01/10/2021 03:00
since now I need to prove myself. I started this account with $100


cknupp01/09/2021 19:44

GrahamsDevil 01/09/2021 19:51

ok. would you be more convinced if I called these prices on another account days ago?


cknupp01/09/2021 19:44
some gaps never fill due to momentum....downtrend was broken but hey

GrahamsDevil 01/09/2021 19:50

it's fine if you disagree that's OK with me.

cknupp01/09/2021 19:44

i save this picture for everyone


Tom Serafin01/09/2021 17:42
I'm always trying to learn, tell me what you see in the chart.

GrahamsDevil 01/10/2021 03:05

you should trade more with emotions and see how that works out for you

GrahamsDevil 01/10/2021 03:03

cool I'll be watching

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