01/10/2021 06:56

$Bionano Genomics there was an offering on Thursday.... it dropped and bounced back strong.
Friday the offering came out at 3.25 a share.
this stock went down to 3.70 for 10min... before it bounced back and closed strong at 5.08. u can can talk this stock down as much as u want! u know u are wrong and I am sorry u were to weak to stick to bngo. I congratulate every investor that didn't listen to all these clowns! this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for all of us. this technology is literally extending every ones live expectation!
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cknupp01/10/2021 13:40
my percentage as of right now...it was hard to watch and held strong i know what i have lol....it was hard every 10% was a 100 % to me lol


Adam01/10/2021 11:40
no offering was $3.05


Firepaws01/10/2021 08:05
good news. out of the way now it will double this week


Jmc***com01/10/2021 07:49
You were/are correct CV007 the offering was at 3.25 and yes it did dip. If your using the weebull app you will see it scroll at the bottom of your quote screen.

CV00701/10/2021 14:34

ok thx bro... couldn't remember the exactl amount. point was it never went there💪💪💪


Tea01/10/2021 07:07
WRONG. I was there at the opening, it only went down to 3.70 for 10 secs and bounced back up. Then another dip to 4 and that was it. Not 10 minutes

CV00701/10/2021 07:13

but ubare correct... it was 3.76 I misstyped.... it was not $3.25

CV00701/10/2021 07:10

ok point taken.... even better. I just saw it on the chart for a shirt time... didn't mean literally 10min precisely. just want to make the point that it was very unique and strong in bouncing back


CV00701/10/2021 07:00
*life expectations


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