01/10/2021 12:48

$Bionano Genomics is it just me or does it seem like alot of shit is blowing up? I mean maybe I am just following the right people but damn seems like everything is going up like crazy. Maybe since no one is going out and people losing jobs that's what it is. Alot of people are probably turning to the stock. I mean damn near everyone I know is in something and it wasn't like that when I got into this.
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All Comments(4)

Hennesy XO01/10/2021 16:42
Yep, one more round of BNGO coming around. Hopefully double digit.

$ocraye3401/10/2021 16:49

shit one more round and its only the second of a 12 round long fight.


Muñoz01/10/2021 14:17
And I thought I was the only one thinking that way!!


tigerstryke01/10/2021 14:15
societal and cultural transition. new companies new outlooks adapting to the fast changing new world model. and yes many new investors/traders in the game.

$ocraye3401/10/2021 14:49

yes and it has become so easy and popular because of these phones and apps they got out here.


jimmy01/10/2021 12:53
I feel ya man stock gods have been great lately. this week I'm hoping for a few big pops here and idex

$ocraye3401/10/2021 14:48

right on and we got at least one more coming hopefully

Firepaws01/10/2021 13:31

Gotta spend That stimulus package somewhere Its not like the gov gave us tons of money but IF big institutions wanna buy stocks from me for a hiGh enough price than damn im going to sell it to them


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