01/10/2021 22:09

$Bionano Genomics So it appears that $250k yearly profit per SAPHYR machine is a very conservative estimate. If BioNano could place 100k of these machines in five years that would imply annual profits of $25 billion. The market typically values companies at 15x earnings which puts the 2026 market cap at $375 billion. This means that share price would be over $1,000 even if float size doubles. Forecast for BNGO share price January 2026 = $1,250
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All Comments(8)

mwi***com01/11/2021 00:18
1000 is hard to comprehend, its possible, but kind of like winning the lottery, chances are small.. I'm dreaming for 100-150.

$ocraye3401/11/2021 01:23

I'm with you 100%

cybertrade12301/11/2021 00:26

$100 should happen in about a year. My five year forecast is admittedly a long shot but nobody five years ago would’ve believed Tesla could be where it’s at either. This is transformative tech and it will find markets and applications we can not yet imagine imo.


BloodSugarSExMagic01/10/2021 23:20
1000 in 5 yrs? how likely u think?

cybertrade12301/10/2021 23:29

Check my previous post for the numerical basis of the calculation. This is transformative tech and I think the estimate is at least somewhat realistic.


$ocraye3401/10/2021 22:42
I called that shit days ago 5-10 1000+

VJ-LIZ01/10/2021 22:47

Hell yeah! Congrats guys!

cybertrade12301/10/2021 22:43



VJ-LIZ01/10/2021 22:32
This guy made 17mill off tesla and has 300,000 shares in bngo

cybertrade12301/10/2021 22:33



SkeetyP01/10/2021 22:23
they need to contact nano dimensions to print out cheaper and better microchips. im sure their Syphr machine is full of PCB's. that would be awesome!

cybertrade12301/10/2021 22:25

Cathie is always talking about “stacked innovations”.


Rooster01/10/2021 22:23
glad someone agrees, i ut this as a 1k stock last week and got told to go away

$ocraye3401/10/2021 22:44

I don't think it's that unrealistic its so inexpensive compared to the competition and what it can do.

cybertrade12301/10/2021 22:28

This is a tentative estimate yet but not unrealistic. The central question imo is whether they could build and place 100k machines in that time frame.


GoldenJAGX01/10/2021 22:21
So longer we hold, there will be some stock split for us right ?

cybertrade12301/10/2021 22:22

This estimate does not assume a split.


Firepaws01/10/2021 22:18
Theyll probably keep putting out more stock

cybertrade12301/10/2021 22:24

This estimate assumes doubling the float to 300m.


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