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01/12/2021 20:31

$Bionano Genomics Simon from ARK Invest mentioned in their market update zoom call that he has changed his stance on the mapping technology used by BNGO’s Saphyr system after speaking with doctors and industry experts. It sounded pretty bullish. The zoom call will be posted on ARK Invests website by end of week. This is big!
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Embargo Brain01/13/2021 23:15
where can I find the video call?

Stockmaster flex01/13/2021 23:20

Www.ark-invest.com But it hasnt been uploaded yet. They said look for it to be up by end of the week. Its called the january “mARKet update”


$ocraye3401/13/2021 10:41
hope you are right about it that is just what we need


$ocraye3401/13/2021 10:40
I got into it big over this dude talking with that youtuber Greg money or whatever. Called him on all his shit and even said neither of them have obviously done their research bngo=big studies,future world changing tech on another level pac bio=?


Jav***com01/13/2021 09:29
Lets do this suiiiii !


cybertrade12301/12/2021 20:47
Wow this is big!


Big Amoeba01/12/2021 20:41
Its time to reap the gains of being patient 🚀

Thanks homie!

PennyJo01/12/2021 21:34

Patience is a virtue i was just saying i cant wait for the reward of being so patient been in since .85 2000 shares


zackychan01/12/2021 20:33
that means they will invest

Stockmaster flex01/12/2021 20:47

One can hope, but nothing is 100% for certain


Adam01/12/2021 20:32
boom! Id love to hear it.

Stockmaster flex01/12/2021 20:46

The Q&A already happened, yiu can listen to it when they upload it by friday.

Stockmaster flex01/12/2021 20:45

This was in their zoom call. Monthly market update. they said they will upload the recording by the end of this week.

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