01/12/2021 21:44

$Bionano Genomics On 12/30 Nasdaq said they will offer compliance if shares are over 1.00/share for “a minimum” of 10 consecutive business days...with the New Years Holiday considered - it appears compliance is met on Jan 14th EOB. I saw some posts that were incorrect saying compliance was met EOB today- didnt think so and no news saying so after close today...
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All Comments(5)

Adam_Stocktraderz01/12/2021 22:02
Guys, it hit $1 on the 28th. It was my Birthday present. It doesnt matter, we’re in compliance... Let the games begin.

Snorkelswab01/12/2021 22:14

And of course it matters...jeez...its very relevant as many buy on rumor sell on news and it is a very atrinf variable to consider in investment strategy...

Snorkelswab01/12/2021 22:13

If so- please share it- the fact- and google it- not oje nasdaq announcment to BNGO related to qualifiers mentions 29th or 28th- announement was 30th...


Snorkelswab01/12/2021 22:01
If I am wrong...where is the news that they are in compliance. See screenshot- start date is Dec 30th.

freemoney01/12/2021 22:04

just scroll back and look it's easy to do

freemoney01/12/2021 22:04

they got the extension after they already had been over 1 the day before.


freemoney01/12/2021 21:49
it closed above a 1.00 on 12/29


freemoney01/12/2021 21:48
wrong it closed about 1.00 on 12/29

Snorkelswab01/12/2021 21:58

Dont think im wrong bud- 29th doesnt matter as Nasdaq announced on 12/30... if i am wrong, where is the news they complied??? Hope im wrong, but doesnt make sense as it started the 30th?


mvs***net01/12/2021 21:47
no it is 10 days doesn't matter if 1 year runs into the next 10 days is today

Snorkelswab01/12/2021 22:15

I verified- your information is incorrect bud.

Snorkelswab01/12/2021 21:55

But then why is their no news. the 29th, nasdaq didnt make the announcment or rules for compliancd until 12/30. I only deducted New Years Day and weekends. Are you saying the start date is not the day of the Nasdaq release (12/30)? If not, why no news this afternoon after close?


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