Mr Deeds

01/15/2021 14:49

$Bionano Genomics one day im gonna tell my grandkids about this stock
Bionano Genomics-0
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All Comments(17)

ΰ₯01/15/2021 20:01
which stocks need to buy this time?


alexmarb01/15/2021 19:18
You have great willpower being aboe to hold since .75 I keep jumping in and out


Mis***com01/15/2021 18:45
nice one


tmoore71101/15/2021 18:45
then that day they'll be planning for your funeral


BEAST TITAN01/15/2021 17:31
Bro how do you keep the stocks so long? can u tell me?? is because i want to haved like for a long time but isee that the options are just: Day

Mr Deeds01/15/2021 18:55

I had planned for a long term hold on this because I feel their Saphyr system is revolutionary. So this was never going to be a swing trade in my mind


We got this01/15/2021 17:11
Wow dude congrats ! Time to buy new scooter


man***com01/15/2021 16:56
Good for you. Congratulations! That is every trader’s dream. How did you find it? When I heard about it, price was already up.


Gl01/15/2021 15:28
Congrats. How long havd you held?

Mr Deeds01/15/2021 18:57

I bought at first in july and averaged down through September

Cuckoo01/15/2021 18:18

It would appear that it has been held since just before christmas when the price was at about .75.


Cel V01/15/2021 15:27
Man to see what I could have had. 4200 shares at 0.55 & I had to sell because of the lack of work 😒


rsr***com01/15/2021 15:04
Nice pick


dig***com01/15/2021 14:58


Ry01/15/2021 14:52
Omg πŸ’²πŸ’²


Chef Greenback01/15/2021 14:51


Danny01/15/2021 14:50


rro***edu01/15/2021 14:50
I'm impressed with the patience

Monkey Boo01/15/2021 18:14

tell us about him or is he a secret

Mr Deeds01/15/2021 15:00

Super Duper Investor on Twitter tipped this stock to me in July. The product is revolutionary and im holding LT


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