Belflord E. Lee

02/22/2021 01:36

$Bionano Genomics man I missed y'all guys how was y'alls weekend ? anything good ? did anyone learn anything new ? Ive been reading and taking notes and lessons all weekend the more I learn the more I understand why my money's moving this way that way I love this shit we are all so blessed here my family I love y'all mfs we gunna have a good week here I will def be avg up once again
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$ocraye3402/22/2021 03:01
I've been killing the swing game, bngo is making me money just sitting there not moving. I am capitalizing on it and using margin money. With all the shit I have learned I have made a great amount. like I am about to maybe buy a house amount, and still have bngo and now my other venture sndl and a couple others. So yea this trading thing has now become my thing and I am very good at reading candles and ma lines to get in good swing points and exit with 25k-40k each swing usually. tomorrow will be a new day I just learned a new thing on ma lines that helps with swing trading as well. Hope all is good!!

nea***com02/22/2021 05:40

that's huge man. congrats. I keep telling myself to swing my 3k shares of bngo but I'm to scared its gonna pop and I'll be left behind lol

Belflord E. Lee 02/22/2021 03:12

that's awesome

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WallStreetKiller02/22/2021 02:07
Go big this week!! Buy everything geared toward this new libtard regime and youll be killing it

Belflord E. Lee 02/22/2021 03:12

right lmao


kat***com02/22/2021 01:58
Love you all too ๐Ÿ˜˜


cybernator32102/22/2021 01:46
Thanks bro keep it up


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