02/23/2021 02:40

Also. to my followers. $Bionano Genomics will most likely end the day a little under the support level of 10.50. if i had to make an assumption. 10.20 is where we will close tomorrow. If this happens. DO NOT sell, it it will most likely be an act of fear played by hedges to profit as much as they can on the down side.

I strongly believe a drop slightly under 10.50 will cause a squeeze and will consolidate for a couple weeks.

The Tech bubble has popped. Most investors do not realize this. i strongly believe we will see a new high around 14 - 16% In the upcoming weeks, above record highs. on the pull back is when we will see a bearish market in the tech industry.

I recomend covering your stock by selling half your shares at this point and covering with puts when the new highs appear 14 - 16% from old highs.

I predicted the crash on tech friday of last week on my snap story so most of you can understand my level of precision with the tech market at the moment.

Happy trading. btw if youre seeing this. Todays my B-Day lol
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All Comments(6)

Rooster02/23/2021 09:26
advice is pointless unless you're trying to influence buying or selling.


Borat Sagdiyev02/23/2021 04:30
Lol noob...wont get anywhere close to 10.20

Dan02/23/2021 21:57

Does $10.22 count ?

808_JuJu02/23/2021 13:24



Lovannah02/23/2021 04:09
Im sure there will be catalysts for rising along the way. earnings is 3/4.

808_JuJu02/23/2021 04:17

Truly I hope so. I will be sticking with my plan. i really do hope that genomes can still be a dominant sector even throughout the future recession


Hide A Bow02/23/2021 03:43
You talk to much, and think to much
So stfu


JJ44402/23/2021 03:42
Happy Birthday

808_JuJu02/23/2021 04:16

Thanks jj!


O'B02/23/2021 03:07
tech and genomes and more will keep growing strong and I recommend not selling half shares and hold on to everything

808_JuJu02/23/2021 04:15

I really hope that genomes will be able to Keep a steady growth throughout the recession

cybernator32102/23/2021 03:23

Good advice


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