09/13/2020 14:42

$Bitcoin/US Dollar why am I not long Bitcoin? first off it's not the best coin, ethereum is better but how can I pick the right one. second off I don't want crypto to make over. one day the government can just ban cryptocoins like bitcoin, meaning no more coin base or legal purchases made in Bitcoin, and just make their own fedcoin. they will have control over this coin, be aware of all transactions made, tax all transactions, and have full control over people. cash is the true anonymous currency. wouldn't be surprised if deep state or soros or something created Bitcoin as a test run and to get us open to liking it. we wouldn't get behind a fed coin straight out the gates, but we'd get behind an anonymous coin controlled by the people wouldn't we? just my opinions
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Rebel Scum09/13/2020 15:04
OMG...you are very confused. government has nothing to do with money. the federal reserve is privately owned. I think my IQ dropped 40 points after reading your thoughts.

Bez09/13/2020 20:14

Apologies, Bitcoin was not***
Fedcoin is an idea from the federal reserve... same with Trillion dollar coins... not a partisan concept by damn sight.

Bez09/13/2020 20:12

Fedcoin was not created by ‘soros or the democRats’... it was created by those attempting to sell narcotics and weapons internationally keeping transactions 100% anonymous with no worry on how to transfer currency whether cash or through a corrupt bank...

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