09/15/2020 07:34

$BTC Do i sell tesla? Buy bitcoin? Im going to research bitcoin for the next
week. I have to understand what im investing in.

Any good starting points?
Ebooks, research papers, youtube Coverage, Analysts coving it, both bulls and bears please. Hopefully 40h of research is enough do draw a logical conclusion .
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Mil***com09/16/2020 15:22
Never sell tesla lmfao that would be the biggest mistake you could make.


Eweezee09/15/2020 23:21
Watch anthony pompelino and peter schiff talking about gold and bitcoin on youtube.
Schiff is a gold bug who believes bitcoin is speculative. pompelino is a bitcoin bull who thinks bitcoin will outperform Gold and silver.

I personally Own all 3. Gold, silver, and bitcoin. i still consider bitcoin to be speculative, but worth the risk vs reward for me. Gold and silver been real money for thousands of years. bitcoin has been around for 12 years.


mr.***com09/15/2020 21:42
Don't sale Tesla i think bitcoin is great but Don't sale Tesla.


mor***net09/15/2020 18:42
The dude screaming at you to not sell TSLA is delusional beyond words. TSLA is a bubble, period. I am a REAL day trader and everyone knew this was going to happen to TSLA. Especially Elon. Yes, you should sell it, but no, you should use the money for something other than bitcoin.


tyl***com09/15/2020 17:40
Bitcoin has no value. Imagine if you had an untradable bitcoin, what could you do with it? If all you can do with something is give it to someone else, its price is speculative and has no fundementals. Buy real assets.

And***com09/15/2020 23:24

🤣 why are you even in here?!? 🤣🤣🤣

mer***com09/15/2020 19:09

Be nice to her she's like super sensitive and hates Bitcoin. Even though she already blow herself up on a previous post when she stated the same thing about Bitcoin.

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mer***com09/15/2020 12:12
Bitcoin is no longer a coin, it's a value. It is the future of money. You can read about blockchain if you want to understand fundamentals more. But it really equals a value and it controls all other cryptocurrency. There's a reason banks let you store it now and large institutions are buying millions of it. Study quickly, you may never see Bitcoin this low again. Especially after this year. Library has books, tons of YouTube videos. Bulls and Bears don't matter, this is a freight train coming down the track, try and stop it.


JBM09/15/2020 12:11
Absolutely not. Do NOT sell Tesla!! Definitely research bitcoin as well and start investing asap but regardless, DO NOT SELL TESLA.


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