11/09/2020 16:16

$Bitcoin I don't understand bitcoin, I purchased at market and it bought at MUCH higher. it made me buy at IOC. didn't make sense to me so far? anyone buying can you clarify why I cash buy at current market? Also had an order in at market, watched it dip WAY below and it never purchased. what is going on?
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cyn***com11/09/2020 22:01
Volatility is super high on Bitcoin. But if you can stomach holding through next year (and despite 20-30% pullbacks), this will go up long-term.


480****72111/09/2020 21:39
The difference you see is broker fees

Auctioneer11/09/2020 23:25

the fee is 100bps, googling says that equates to $1.00 per $100. it bought me in over $300 above the current price at market


Dutch 11/09/2020 21:21
I made 600 today thru webull in Bitcoin you don't have to have a wallet because you are investing thru the exchange smh read up stop giving bad information


chr***com11/09/2020 19:33
dont trade BTC on here I dont you think you have access to the wallet and definitely not the keys. Get a hardware wallet (most secure) or at least software wallet on your computer -- like Atomic wallet

Auctioneer11/09/2020 19:42

what does the wallet do for you? I'm not given a number to add it to my wallet if I did.


spy turtle11/09/2020 19:21
bitcoin's way volatile, any market buy is going to execute at a less than desirable price. When I want to do a "market buy" I'll typically set a limit price at the current value and it usually executes within some minutes, although it's not a sure thing if it's especially volatile


pRoNe11/09/2020 18:35
You have to buy in a higher price then it is..bitcoin does that..i got plenty but they charge a percentage so the percentage plus what you putting in...so if you want in now, lower the shares


Mma***com11/09/2020 16:47
Never ever market buy. You are guaranteed to get screwed by the volatility.

Auctioneer11/10/2020 01:37

right here on webull

Mma***com11/09/2020 21:08

It also could’ve got lost or backed up I guess. What platform were you trying to buy on?

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san***com11/09/2020 16:29
was a 100 "bps" or something like that


san***com11/09/2020 16:28
I read in the crypto disclaimer the fee for the purchase


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