01/05/2021 04:34

$Bitcoin Why are people so obsessed with this thing dropping so they can buy more? Why not buy in and promote for it to climb higher so they don't have to deal with constantly jumping in and out?...the whole "Drop low! Drop lower!" comments are annoying to say the least. This is peoples money. Don't promote for people to lose. I would never wish for anyones loss.
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AskSlapper01/05/2021 05:42
people don't understand that in the markets, someone else's loss is someone's gain. You don't gain unless someone loses. we can't all win. Look up "zero sum game" on Google to better understand

AshtonTrades01/05/2021 05:46

I understand but it being a constant battle within crypto is what's frustrating. And as difficult as it is to buy in and out of? How are these people Day Trading it as though they're buying in and out of a solid number of shares and not being charged to buy back in?....it's a pain to day trade.


U_HXalD01/05/2021 05:11
Do you not know what day trading is lmao

AshtonTrades01/05/2021 05:12

Crypto shouldn't be considered a DAY TRADING platform. Becuase brokers make it a PAIN to get in and out of. So SOMEBODY'S got easy ins and outs happening somehow.


Don01/05/2021 04:45
You think any of us can decide whther or not the price we drop ? Institutions control which way things go and that goes for cryptocurrencies and the stock market.

AshtonTrades01/05/2021 04:48

Im talking about what people seem to promote for in here. Don't promote for a LOSS onto others.


hodltozero01/05/2021 04:44
this has to be the dumbest post in the history of mankind. you realize someone has to buy it at a higher and higher price for YOU to profit? why should someone hold the bag for you? this is the nature of this ponzi. the sooner it ends the better. better take profit at some point, because when it drops it'll be so fast you won't have a chance since everyone will be rushing to get out. there is nothing unique about btc. I can do exactly the same crap with any other coin. bitcoin just has brand recognition and marketing. iNstiToOtiOns 🤡

AshtonTrades01/05/2021 04:53

Regardless SOMEONE is always holding the bag...for YOU AND ME.

AshtonTrades01/05/2021 04:52

The sooner it ends the better? So everyone can just lose who doesnt CONSTANTLY sell off? I'm holding THE MF bags preferably longterm for others who want to make money! Oh THE F WELL!!!...THAT'S ALSO THE NATURE OF GAME.


Nimblistic01/05/2021 04:39
Because news flash if you buy high and it goes low you lose money

AshtonTrades01/05/2021 04:45

No sht! Let's say YOU buy in at a decent price and you lose becuase it goes a lot lower and people keep saying for it to go lower? wtf?...don't promote for people to lose unless you want people to promote for YOUR loss


new***com01/05/2021 04:36
Couldn’t say it better my guy


Griffin Aste01/05/2021 04:36
I think the same thing


Mma***com01/05/2021 04:36
Welcome to earth.


Osiris01/05/2021 04:35
Because every drop is a chance to get many more satoshi’s

AshtonTrades01/05/2021 04:46

it going UP is ALSO a profit. Don't promote for people's loss.


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