₿illion Dollar Dev

01/08/2021 03:40

$Bitcoin This is a Long Term Bullish stock/crypto to be invested in. DO NOT cash out anytime soon. Big investors and institutions look at this as a safe haven for wealth. If you sell, they acquire for cheaper.
HODL no matter how rough it gets. Today was just a small show of what’s to come.
Swim With The Whales!!
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gra***com01/08/2021 04:27
Thank you for this explanation and I agree. This is longterm stuff. Just buy it and add to it when you can and let it marinate and bitcoin will do the rest! You are correct that it is a store of wealth and a hedge just like gold. I have bought physical gold and silver for the last 35 years and one of the main problems is storing and securing it. It takes up a lot of space and is very heavy. Bitcoin solves those problems and more! One of the best attributes of bitcoin is it’s ability to recover quickly. Gold and silver takes a lot of time to correct and percentage wise it cannot compare to bitcoin and these other top shelf cryptos. Keep holding and buy the dips!

₿illion Dollar Dev01/08/2021 05:11

I always thought Gold and Silver were the way to go and just like you said...The Physical aspect adds an attraction. It’s something that you know is there. I hope a lot of newer investors take lessons from this!

gra***com01/08/2021 05:00

Im sitting on 21 ounces of gold and God only knows how much silver and contemplating whether to cash out and invest or remain sitting on it. I like the physical aspect of it And the ability to hold it in my hands but the convenience of bitcoin makes it a tough choice and also the recovery aspect after it pulls back. Im just a few short years from retirement so i have some tough decisions that need to be made.

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Jay01/08/2021 04:06
I agree, but its too easy to make $1k-$2k a day, day trading on the volatility. Pays my bills way too easily though you are correct on the long term value.

₿illion Dollar Dev01/08/2021 04:28

Of course and those who trust in their judgement day trading this crypto should surely take advantage of it’s volatility. I just hope for those that are day-trading, that they don’t miss a proper entry point.


ML€01/08/2021 03:45
A safe heaven??????? Wow dumbest shit ive read all day

syr***com01/08/2021 03:57

I think he means a hedge.

₿illion Dollar Dev01/08/2021 03:46

Yes a Safe Haven. Idk if you realized, but this has been a strong competitor to Gold,Silver and Oil. It’s scarcity adds it’s value. Do your research because I clearly do.


OGK3YS01/08/2021 03:44
It live to regret! Shit scared me away many times but 40m was predicted for March-April we still in January we on our way to 100k! 🤘🏾 gang on a 🐻 beeyatch!!!


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