01/08/2021 07:52

$Bitcoin To any newcomers BEFORE YOU BUY
(OG’s add to the list!):
- Learn how to read candlesticks (watch a youtube video)
- Have an understanding of the visual consolidation of candlesticks when changing incriments (I.e. 1 min -> 3 min)
- Understand the terms bearish and bullish
- Understand the difference between Market & Limit buy / sell
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Sam01/08/2021 08:26
lmao u don't trade bitcncoin you hold at this point


Jackson01/08/2021 08:20
Stop trying to trade bitcoin. Its a losers game


Jlo***com01/08/2021 08:11
just keep buying and buying as much as possible and hodl forever. dont daytrade bitcoin duh


spread_doctor01/08/2021 08:08
- 1-4 hour for weekly reversal or consolidation patterns

-daily-weekly for anything bigger

15-30m charts for intraday and 1-3m for scalping. I'm changing up what I put into another comment but I think this is better


U_HXalD01/08/2021 08:02
(Consolodation of candlesticks)
I am referrIng to the understanding that when switching from 1 minute increments to 2 minutes— Visually, 2 1-minute candlesticks are combined into one.


Stockbull 01/08/2021 07:59
You look at all the charts in sequence to see where shit be goin. No 1 min 3 min gonna do you much in gauging a possible trend.

Stockbull 01/08/2021 08:09

Exactly my point as an hour ago the RSI was still up and the MACD had further to fall on the 1 hr. Now one can semi confirm the uptrend on the 3 min and expand out incrementally to confirm the trend.

spread_doctor01/08/2021 08:04

well the 1-4hr has more uses than a parabolic trend but long term reversal's

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mik***com01/08/2021 07:59
i like to look at the 15 sometimes even as low as the 5 but this is a long game at the this point... iv been hodling since 12k and wish i never traded in and out and just held iv been trading it since 6k


mik***com01/08/2021 07:55
great advice i learned to trade off youtube lol but are you really looking at the 1 and 3min chart? thats nuts man i like you man but your crazy

U_HXalD01/08/2021 07:59

I’ve a degree in math, and I can basically add the candlesticks up in my head 🤪 so the 1 min isn’t that scary. But no, I flip flop between time incriminates lol


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