01/09/2021 15:20

$Bitcoin When btc crashes just remember who was the very first to call it, Also remember who was one of the first to call this massive gain with accuracy, also remember who called the nio massive jump from$ 40-$60 then its massive crash 3days before it happened, or when i called tsla massive jump up from 400-500,520-580, and 620-720. Keep talking shit but when u find out u actually knew nothing and lose everything monday dont follow my plays
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Pieces o’ Eight01/09/2021 16:12
Clearly you have super powers!! Nobody thought Tesla would go up in value. Genius.!! 🧠🧠

Timetraveler🔥01/09/2021 23:14

What bgno, ocgn, and the other 100 100% plus gainers i called🤡im the fuking best in the market get over it


Frankthetank01/09/2021 15:51
angry little bear.


Memo Fantasma01/09/2021 15:48


Koop from wi01/09/2021 15:47


Stonks only go down01/09/2021 15:41
I thought it was crashing 5 days ago

Stonks only go down01/09/2021 16:09

Don’t be salty you didn’t hop on in 2016. You can still hop on now

Timetraveler🔥01/09/2021 15:44

Did i say that exact day!! Ive been saying sat. And monday u fuking moron. Dont come to me when btc crashes because im going to roast u


enkidu01/09/2021 15:36
ay bro, where did you see the sales you were talking about of millions or billions of btc exiting?


Aleksandr01/09/2021 15:36
You know that for that to happen institutions MUST sell their asset that RETAINS value right? And do you also know that Bitcoin is the most scarse asset that there is right?... and do you even understand that the only reason why it crashed in 2017 was because retail investors panic sold? Yup the same kind of panic seller such as you perhaps that go around just writing negativity 😂
Institutions are not going to sell, they know that this thing is going to the 200k, hope you’ve learnt something new...


WeTrader ✪01/09/2021 15:35
Institutions are buying up the dips. I’d say the risk is to the upside right now.


Sha***com01/09/2021 15:32
Wont crash. To many bigger companys and goveners are interested In bitcoin. She’s here to stay.

Timetraveler🔥01/11/2021 17:17

How that work out for ya?

Timetraveler🔥01/09/2021 15:43



LUDASHIMANE01/09/2021 15:28
you were not the first to call it lol what a moron. people have been shorting bitcoin and calling for bitcoin to crash since day one. there is nothing original about going against the tide here. nice try though.

Timetraveler🔥01/11/2021 17:17

How did that work out for u?

alv***com01/09/2021 16:04

Timetraveler , im still waiting for NIO and Tesla to crash 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣🤣🚀Goofy ass boy


OptimisstPrime👽01/09/2021 15:22
What time is it crashing?

Timetraveler🔥01/10/2021 18:41

Sat-monday. Sat Is the tip to reversal, sunday the hard drop and monday the beginning to the crash

KK01/09/2021 15:27

cant wait to sell you my blockchains & bitcoin fod double the price 🤡

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