Lumbre, Inc.

01/10/2021 02:09

$Bitcoin I know I may sound crazy. But I see a big probability for a correction next week. Possibly as low as $19.3K - $20K. This is based on my own math and predictions. I'm super bullish long term, and I think we will definitely keep going up in 2021.

Just sharing this as a warning to any new traders who may have invested in crypto recently and aren't used to the volatility.
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Ian D.01/23/2021 16:30
Yeah never get that low. Stop scare people and being negative. Bitcoin will be on the moon soon! πŸ’ͺπŸ€‘πŸ‘πŸ’«πŸŒ“


Srb***com01/10/2021 02:31
Id guess we saw the lowest. 38k and we will see a steady increase over the next 4-6 months before the market starts calming and bitcoin settles around 50-55k


Srb***com01/10/2021 02:30
Id guess it was corrEcting all day Yesterday and today, crypto doesnt take as long as regular markets to correlate on a basis of mining over purchasing of bitcoin. unlike stocks where its work output Over purchasing of stock


Faztcobra01/10/2021 02:21
I don't believe this will ever see below 28k again.


Al Mendoza01/10/2021 02:14
Correction will come in play but gradually. but I also believe it will reserve and go back so quickly because institution and whales will swallow it immediately.

Too many big players in the game now


celestial algorithm 01/10/2021 02:14
millions upon millions of people are watching this. you can bet your ass there's limit buys out there at every level. 40k support proves that. Monday premarket may see a steep drop, but it'll get eaten fast.


Imbrokebaby01/10/2021 02:14
i was about to disrespect you, butbthe last sentence i respect so I won't......it wont dip that low all that technical and theoretical levels only apply to stocks not this crypto study the reasons why those analysis tools dont work here....work backwards and show me when that analysis has EVER held true with Bitcoin


Nikky01/10/2021 02:13
Mark this post you are a 🀑

Imbrokebaby01/10/2021 02:23

damn πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£


Nikky01/10/2021 02:13
Lol get lost 🀑


Koop from wi01/10/2021 02:12
Yiur matu ?


Lumbre, Inc.01/10/2021 02:10
Also, I should add that the correction would not happen all in one day. It would be initiated next week and progress over time.

Imbrokebaby01/10/2021 02:24

exactly a firesale discount bitty remember what happened on the 4th dipped 6k and recovered i less than 2 hours

HEREIGNS77701/10/2021 02:18

50% retracment ...wow. your still a rookie even if it retrace 15% it would IGNITE A COLOSSAL OPPORTUNITY to the masses πŸ‘†πŸ’₯


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