01/10/2021 09:18

$Bitcoin I'm not saying its not a great way to make money but looking at its 1 year map its really not moving as fast as its being hipped up I have seen a couple pinney stocks out run it. (in there %%% no problem) i say its still a good buy if you have a fat some to put down on this one I believe its going for 70k
but realistically at this point its %% gains are going to start slowing down so you will need a 300k to repeat to "Really" make good money on it now day trading it but that's my opinion.
in less your going long
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Rollfat01/12/2021 18:48
My crypto buddy says to keep an eye on LOOM. Currently a crypto microcap and he says upcoming catalysts May initiate a run on friday or early next week. You have to use USDC (us dollar coin) to buy LOOM. One for the crypto watchlist.๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’š

kentoe-green01/12/2021 20:55

ill definitely be on my list as well thanks for the information


Rollfat01/10/2021 12:01
In my opinion, Bitcoin has no viable utility outside of a store of value, like gold or silver. Originally having no function, mined because remainders on calculative internet commerce exist and someone figured out it was not illegal to gather and keep them on the interent. Those gathered totals became large enough to matter and as those totals no longer were 'included' in any nationally registered money supply of any country or currency base, a new Currency Unit was then given definition and Bitcoin Units were born, then time and the global populous gave it utility as currency. It's 40k valuation is a laughable joke in my opinion. Other new 'coins' like DNT, Nu, GRT, Loom, ZRX, XLM; these 'tokens' I consider to be more like regular stocks, they hold underlying function and their tokens can be considered in my eyes as simply a share of stock of their underlying function or business functionality. Bitcoin has no underlying function, too volatile to act as a stable transfer of value to pay for basic goods or services. I won't trade bitcoin because I see no value, just hype and that to me is dangerous even though I understand and respect the hustle, I will play other 'coins' I feel hold their value through their functionable utility, associated growth potential & use of that function and future viability of the token/coin itself.. Just a thought.. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’ฏ

Rollfat01/10/2021 18:35


kentoe-green01/10/2021 18:14

wow that is some really good information.
I have been thinking about it a lot lately and I definitely see that.

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StockyKong01/10/2021 09:40
you must be smoking crack brah!

ube***com01/10/2021 10:28

both are massively overvalued

Atlas Shrugged01/10/2021 09:59

no, you are. many stocks have outperformed btc in the last year. tsla is up 700% versus btc at 400%


frd***com01/10/2021 09:38


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