01/11/2021 03:42

$Bitcoin Why is everyone taking jabs back and fourth at eachother? Bearish/bullish remarks. We are all here to make money and set ourselfs up in the future. Theres something called encouraging. We all have something in common. Kist keep dedicating a certain amount in bitcoin a month and leave it alone and forget about it. worry about numbers in 5-10 years from now. Just dont put in what you cant afford. I seriously and truely hope you all make as much money as you will ever need and leave your legacy behind, that will never happen if you are trying to be one of the ones that bought in when it was super cheap and sold at one of the peaks and made enough to retire. Blessings!!!
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360****33301/11/2021 03:59

bro***com01/11/2021 04:00

Ok sorry i will It will never happen again . Im truely sorry . 😂


bro***com01/11/2021 03:54
Its all fun and games for sure, I just read back and it does seem like im an emotional woman thats going theough menopause lol, its just you can tell the ones that their life is depending on this to set them up. It just trips me out. Text messages can alwaysbcome off the oposite as someone was trying be.


y.c***com01/11/2021 03:48
wb comments are the equivalent to twitter to the equivalent to writings in bathroom stalls, that's what it is, that's how it's used.


Jk1***com01/11/2021 03:46
You seem like a good dude, but i think your caring to much on WeBulls comment section. No point in getting emotional or even wasting time and energy. Just seems like your being naive.


a55ra1d3r01/11/2021 03:43
I find it fun

Doc01/11/2021 03:44

we found the 18 year old. blocked


Lem***com01/11/2021 03:42


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