Millionaire in a minivan

01/11/2021 14:16

$Bitcoin $Ethereum The comments in here really hurt my brain... Does anyone do any research at all...? All the nay-sayers obviously don't understand crypto. The US dollar is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme, in fact it's the exact definition of a Ponzi scheme. Gold and bond prices have been manipulated since 1971. And Bitcoin is the truest form of actual money that we have. Everyone who claims it's back by nothing is completely overlooking its algorithm, its security, and its fixed supply.

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum's use cases have been firmly established. Bitcoin is the best performing asset since it's creation, 10 years, 5 years, 1 year.. You just have to be willing to deal with the volatility in the short term. And Ethereum has so many use cases and is likely to change the internet forever. Buying Ethereum now is like buying the internet in the 90's.

Do yourselves a favor and educate yourselves....
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hodltozero01/11/2021 14:19
shut the hell up you lemming. nobody buys dollars as an investment. everyone knows you shouldn't hold too much cash since it's garbage. the real ponzi has always been bitcoin. you need new suckers to buy higher and higher. "digital asset" lmao 🤡

Denim Dan01/17/2021 15:53

it's the government! it's all a scheme. you just have to maneuver around properly. we will always be the 🐑. the government will slowly understand how to control bitcoin more and more so we all get f'ked

Ambiguous01/11/2021 22:05

You just explained precisely why bitcoin is a good thing

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Px_***com01/11/2021 14:17
Next resistance is $30,000


Millionaire in a minivan01/11/2021 14:17
And on that note. I'm looking forward to buying this pullback.


Dis is mine life Meow01/11/2021 14:17
Everyone need to hedge their portfolio with bitcoin and wow gold.


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