01/11/2021 23:53

$Bitcoin not tryna scare anybody, and I can post this nicely since I think everybody that bashed me previously has blocked me lol. your best option would be to see if it can pass a few key resistant levels before it makes the right shoulder. if you wanna buy in, just scale in. don't yolo everything in this high risk/low reward situation. once it passes resistance its still a medium risk you're taking, but atleast the reward is the limit if the sky.
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All Comments(6)

puppylove01/12/2021 00:18
thanks for your insight

Mateo01/12/2021 00:20

you're welcome 👍


Eweezee01/12/2021 00:11
Dont worry. just keep doing TA. Even if it helps just 1 person you have done well. i did buy some at 34k and again at 30500. TA actually helps when i leverage trade, but the last 2 days have been too Volatile i didnt have the guts to do it and get rekt. glad i was patient.

Mateo01/12/2021 01:11

smart man

Eweezee01/12/2021 00:26

There still a chance that the head and shoulders pattern does get nEGatEd. but if it Does confirm my next buy zone is around 24k. if it drops to 20k im definetly leverage trading that level.

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FOMO_DEMON🤬01/11/2021 23:58
dollar cost average. yes this is the way

Mateo01/12/2021 00:08

I'm not saying it's perfect. but you're in for WAY MORE rude awakenings blindly trading and ignoring certain patterns that tend to hold true

Immortal Bull01/12/2021 00:05

ta is magical thinking. period.

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King01/11/2021 23:58
This doesnt quite trade like a stock. similaries yes, but crypto is much different.

Immortal Bull01/12/2021 00:02

people that think ta isn't the same as reading tarot and similar are output f this world.

Mateo01/11/2021 23:59

yea it does lol, people who say TA isn't I portent for crypto are out this world.


tni***com01/11/2021 23:58
what is a good buy in price?

Immortal Bull01/12/2021 00:04



jos***com01/11/2021 23:54
its a long term play. stop trying to trade it.

Mateo01/12/2021 00:06

well Jos when you have more times when you're right rather than wrong, I'd take that risk over just throwing money in because my buddy said so. also, look at my newest post. it isn't a coincidence man. and how am I successful at gambling? I don't gamble (ok that was a lie) lol

Immortal Bull01/12/2021 00:03

cause you've been successful at gambling. I've known gamblers with years long streaks that still end up losing it all.

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