01/12/2021 00:59

$Bitcoin What ive learned most aboI t bitcoin and most importantly what is different with thr 3rd halving is bitcoin will always move against the dollar, the dolalr goes up this goes down and vise versa. When playing this watch the dollar and that is the best wya to know when to sell. Institution’s have put a lot of there money into bitcoin to hedge against inflation so looks like it really could go all year until the feds try to deflate the dollar to its normal rate.
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Athabascan01/12/2021 01:04
no ifs and or buts, the whole world jumps in, this can benefit every individual

jos***com01/12/2021 01:24

if that was true bitcoin would be under 1.00 already 😅

Don01/12/2021 01:10

I agree cryptro in the future but i believe short term the dollar is still stronger but long term bitcoin will be level with the dollar

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jos***com01/12/2021 01:04
wrong. this will keep going up while the dollar keeps going down. exponentially forever until the end of time. sorry.

jos***com01/12/2021 01:29

that is nothing but your opinion. a few years ago 1 bit coin was 1 dollar. now its 35k dollars. what are you not understanding ? lmfao😅😅😅

Don01/12/2021 01:05

Thats a fact thats not my opinion


315****38401/12/2021 01:01
exactly right my man


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