01/13/2021 23:09

$Bitcoin anybody else ever sat an thought ,f*** it, why not move to the phillipines , puerto rico, or just a nice place on the beach and just continue passively trading ? I mean some of these poorer countries cost less than 1k/year living expenses and you'd be treated as a king retired in your 20's/30's.lol or mexico, I've thought about that one too👍🤣
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All Comments(10)

C da money mann01/13/2021 23:49
Yes!!!! The carribean


EsoHealth01/13/2021 23:34
Especially lately, looking at the cost of property here in the states. Madness.


BeachBum6801/13/2021 23:29
I had a buddy who lived in the Philipines for working as an undersea welder. He made a ton of money because the cost of living was very cheap. I’ve looked into to Thailand. You can get apartments or condos there that are new, modern, with high speed internet, cable, all the amenities for <$100 monthly. You can honestly live like a king.

FOMO_DEMON🤬01/14/2021 00:25

yep. thailand and phillipines I know for a fact is around 1200/year. that's literally pocket change


Legendary Trading01/13/2021 23:22
Dude you are in my mind

FOMO_DEMON🤬01/13/2021 23:22

I'd really like to ask someone who does it ,,, there's prob. tons out there


Ambiguous01/13/2021 23:15
Yup. So many areas through out central America are good. Most people have it all backwards when it comes to money. You don’t have to make more, you need to spend less. I lived out of a van a while back been debating doing that again and teaveling in central and South America

Ambiguous01/13/2021 23:25

Just do it, man. It’s the most freeing shit ever. All the bullshit we worry about here just melts away. Like why do we need to have the house, the car, and work our entire lives. For what? Just to retire at 80 and be too old to enjoy it. There’s so many options outside the box society creates.

FOMO_DEMON🤬01/13/2021 23:17

see that's the shit I wanna do!! I wanna just go to nice places like that and live frugal . I'd literally he able to fully retire rn if I moved to mexico or places like that that are cheap but still nice


Daniel01/13/2021 23:15
Ya Taiwan and Portugal suppose to be cheap and good living!!!

FOMO_DEMON🤬01/13/2021 23:18

yeah. it's very interesting. Ive looked into it alot places around the world .mainly an island or coastal area


FOMO_DEMON🤬01/13/2021 23:14
bro , I'm not lying. there's philippino people who live on 80usd/month and live by the beach


Millionaire in a minivan01/13/2021 23:13
Do it.

FOMO_DEMON🤬01/13/2021 23:18

highly considering it


jul***com01/13/2021 23:11
1k a year? xD

FOMO_DEMON🤬01/13/2021 23:15

haha yes. sounds crazy af right? my mind was blown. not all places, this was phillipines area


Rebel Scum01/13/2021 23:10
let's go! I'll meet ya there 😂


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