02/20/2021 14:07

$Bitcoin 2017 went from 4K to 20k then fell back to 4K. Now itโ€™s started at 10k and already at 5 times of that. What next can go either way. More mainstream acceptance? Fed regulation? Dollar based crypto by fed?

But when it fell never went below previous high so May be 20-50k was good time. Now Bitcoin at 57k hesitant to buy any more..๐Ÿค”. What you all say? sensing it might run up fast from here and crash hard.
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B.FlyJay02/20/2021 14:27
Check ur numbers. gonna have to be a lot more sPecific if youre trying to make money here. Also check out btc on a logarithmic graph, this will hit 100k in a few months and go back tp 40k


HoldNBags02/20/2021 14:15
you mean 2019...


Warrior02/20/2021 14:14
Context fella....context.


rud***com02/20/2021 14:11
I'm betting that once we get the next stimulus bill passed, it will sky rocket past 70k and hopefully get near 100k....if it gets near 100k, more vaccines are distributed and applied, businesses are having a better quarter earnings then it would be time to sell. Crypto and the stock market decoupled but there has to be a point where they both couple together again and that's going to happen when both have a major selloff.....


Nikky02/20/2021 14:11
PanDemic was also The cause of the 4k low big hands scooped up everything. Hardly any supply left right now.


BestBiotech02/20/2021 14:10
20 K within 30 days.

Nikky02/20/2021 14:28

Losten to this ๐Ÿคก


Busch_ice6902/20/2021 14:09
bitcoin has uses now the big one being a hedge against inflation. its not going anywhere.


971****86502/20/2021 14:08
fomo and institutions are buying it'll reach 100k i have 0 btw just my thoughts

Crypto Platypus02/20/2021 14:43

an incredibly tiny amount of institutions are buying it up, its just that they few that have got a lot of news. almost all of the cashflow is still retail.


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