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02/21/2021 17:51

$Bitcoin you know, it must be some kinda special pain to get on here and post bullshit about how and why it's going to crash, just because you missed out.

little boys on here are mad they never bought🤣

they told me it was gonna crash at 10k and 15k at 20k(it did in 2017) the answer was simple. dont sell a single coin and just buy more, so i did. and then they told me 20k was the ATH and to sell. they told to me sell at 30k and 40k and 50k.

If it were to crash, i'd just buy more.

long term the absolute Bearish lowest case prediction is 100k. ill buy whenerver i can under that.
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Chartguy02/21/2021 18:02
99% of all people on here calling for a crash on BTC or any stock are not even shorting it because they don't have the guts....they are people with little money and are afraid to invest and have no risk tolerance. They basically get pleasure out of trying to scare anyone they can with ridiculous comments and they NEVER BACK ANYTHING UP WITH VALID CHARTS!
I delete worthless posters.

Squiii02/21/2021 18:05

Same such a pAthetic scum group. probbwly dont even have a job or trade


J-rad02/21/2021 17:58
POMO=pain of missing out


Johnny1.002/21/2021 17:53
btc always crashes b4 it rockets to ah. Its called retrace and its a beautiful thing!


SPCE4Ever02/21/2021 17:53
I agree. I am bearish on it short term but yea absolutely 100k is going to be easy. I don't own any but I am buying the up and coming coins that will have bitcoin like potential. and no I'm not saying bitcoin like as it is now. I'm saying in the 1k to 5k range


FinancialMistake02/21/2021 17:53
If you had invested in Riot instead of BTC three weeks ago, you would have already tripled your money.

BTC "is" a bubble bolstered by Tether lol

FinancialMistake02/21/2021 18:00

I am focusing on low or negative enterprise valuation / EBITDA ratios right now like $TAK and $ASLE to whether any upcoming corrections

FinancialMistake02/21/2021 18:00

In fact most EPS and PE ratios show the market as an entirety is, but Tesla does not deserve to have a market capitalization at the top of the S&P 500 IMO.

Again, though - I profited off of it, so you can make money on something while being cognizant that it is inflated.

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