JW Wolf

11/12/2020 00:16

$CBAK Energy Tech Soon, EV battery will be in shortages in China and all over the world. Chinese EV Companies and Legacy automakers will try to buyout $CBAT, Tabless Lithium Ion Battery company. Then, CBAT’s stock price will be dreadfully increased by the explosive merger competition or supply bottleneck. From current $3~4 of CBAT’s stock price, the target stock price will go up about $12~14 (around Jan, Feb 2021). If you are $NIO Inc. $XPENG INC. $Li Auto Inc. stock holder, check that out for another great growth. This is a speculative move and risky but the rewards could be enormous. I expect CBAT’s 1 year target price around $30~40. Still, I will keep my NIO position for next several years.
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English Pirfesser11/12/2020 21:53
This guy is awesome. He's all over CBAT. His enthusiasm is contagious... He's got me pumped up 10 times than I already was


cat***com11/12/2020 06:52
"price will be dreadfully increased" whoever wrote this used a translator - nothing wrong with that just an observational theory

JW Wolf11/12/2020 09:31

I like to write differently. you are right, kind of funky.


eco***com11/12/2020 00:41
China has been involved in mining before the EV explosion. so I doubt they will be having any problems. especially when they were investing in Africa while other countries were involved in wars

JW Wolf11/12/2020 09:33

not just Chinese shortege but entire world


Tyler11/12/2020 00:36
I like your funny words magic man

JW Wolf11/12/2020 09:35

kind of awkward? but who cares? It could draw some attention not intentionally.


cos***com11/12/2020 00:32
So should i got all in on CBATT?

JW Wolf11/12/2020 09:39

this is speculative and takes a couple of months . try little for fun.

cod***com11/12/2020 00:38

no lol..do ur research i was in this stock for a while very predictable...make some money on iy


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