02/19/2021 15:36

$Churchill Capital Corp IV For everyone who keeps asking about what happens to the prices after a SPAC merge here is a blueprint. If you noticed, the prices always skyrocketed after a merge before correction. But companies that were solid didn't fall too much. I say this because unlike the others you're talking about a potential merge with a company that will rival tesla. Have you guys even seen their cars in action? Lucid produced a car that went 235mph on a track! Lucid actually has a production so I'm baffled how these bs articles can convince you this will drop hard to the floor after a merge with a solid company. Makes absolutely no sense. All I will say is please do your own DD and stop listening to other people. Don't invest in a company you don't believe in. You will lose money this way. Most of us have investments in this company because we believe in the company.​
Churchill Capital Corp IV-0
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Mr. Mello spaceman 👨🏻‍🚀02/19/2021 15:48
I cant believe people are tying to bash for providing a data piece... imbeciles all over 🤦


Tuoi Than02/19/2021 15:44
the only one that can compare in similarity is Nikola which they are non-production, which they dont sell any yet where as Lucid is already reserving order and ready for this Spring, ready to roll. NKLA hit 93 btw


bearkillah02/19/2021 15:41
your analysis is garbage all those companies are not named THE TESLA KILLER GTFOH

elo***com02/19/2021 15:44

What are you talking about. My point is that cciv is a solid investment. I'm assuming you agree or you wouldn't be in here.


Mr. Mello spaceman 👨🏻‍🚀02/19/2021 15:40
Good info here 👆👆


cal***com02/19/2021 15:38
Did any of those have over 140 institutional investors on only a rumor??

elo***com02/19/2021 15:45

Broke? Show your profits right now and let's compare ours.

bearkillah02/19/2021 15:42

exactly but let these idiots listen to a btoke boy


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