02/21/2021 15:10

Long post, inside my plan for this week

Quite Impeccable timing for these “two people” saying it’s finalizing this week. That drop from $64 to $52 range was picking up momentum going down and they clearly had to put out a PR to tickle the bulls back in. I would be very cautious if they aren’t finalizing the merger by 2/24/21 or sooner. If not, it will continue to creep down as people are swing trading this and finalizing reach support at $36 range and that’s not going to look good. My original exit plan was $35 before Super Bowl but unusual multiple $20m+ orders many times made me held longer and revise my thesis. We’ll see a lot of up swings and a lot of profit taking on Monday for sure, and should be the day it should peak out of the entire week, unless confirmation of the merger is locked in and now thesis will change to close some of my call position and convert and hold 50% of profits and convert into shares long term. I like the ceo, he has a vendetta against his old boss Elon to show what he’s made out of, and that’s what I like to see when competitors are going head to head in this EV space. (I’m long Tesla and Nio) just dancing in the rain from these rainmaking companies.

Game plan
2/21 Monday: watch premarket at 1am and based on the momentum I’ll either exit all position at opening if it’s -5% or more premarket. But if gapping up +5% additionally to the aftermarket on last Friday I’ll hold and watch the first 15min price action to see for any sign of weakness and strength. The first 3hrs will give us clues on the direction, but be prepared for market makers to shake people out of their position to get a better price. So let the battle of emotions begin.
2/22: Tuesday: if I haven’t sold and believe the merger is confirming today or the follow two days I hold. If momentum from closing as of Monday’s price is broken i will exiting my position, since Monday should be the day where a lot of people will buy back in and get FOMO
2/23: if thesis is the same hold
2/24: if merger not confirmed 30mins before closing bell or if any of my thesis get triggered I’m out.

Good luck everyone. ill repost my plans again on sunday 1hr before opening bell just incase those didnt catch the first post.

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All Comments(6)

CaptHush02/21/2021 16:26
Great post, I'm on the same mindset as you. Took much of my profits from options along the way up and I'm Happy with my return so far; will hold some long term


bearkillah02/21/2021 15:29
this guy try to outsmart the bulls. the beginning of the post states exiting the position which should be the last thing you mention your suspect asf

MrPlastic02/21/2021 15:42

Sir, there is nothing wrong with collecting profit. Youll be a fool to if your not taking off the table. if you have your results then please show them.


Scott00702/21/2021 15:25
great post. thank you. you got yourself another follower

MrPlastic02/21/2021 15:48

I bought on Jan 29th after that 2 day pull back and saw many confirmation of it being steady at that price. My thesis was buy before Super Bowl since they would get seen by the millions and was spot on on that. On the days to come after that on it soaring higher and higher Thx for the follow, i try to post stuff that have value that will help people in their journey in, investing. yes all my post usual are long text of walls but those who find me or read through my stuff knows im here 2 win

bearkillah02/21/2021 15:27

did you sell and buy back in on that dip? curious?


bearkillah02/21/2021 15:25
Mr puzzy paper hands we don't want advice shut up

epe***com02/21/2021 16:42

so you're the representative of all the webull community? gtfo and speak for yourself.

MrPlastic02/21/2021 15:37

Sir did you even read my post? Be respectful have a great day


MrPlastic02/21/2021 15:18
I forgot to add that, they could wait it out to the very last minute on Feb 26 since a lot of people panic sold and it back at 30s range and bought back in at a fantastic price... which could be a great play fot Market Makers but im pretty sure they want to test the waters first and let retailers do the panic selling for them, till thru building a trading range confirmation before the markup so, they dont risk their capital or sell to early and end up failing to get eaten up and they have to rebuy at a higher price.


Eve and Lucid02/21/2021 15:12
I dont think he has a vendetta. Just seems like a smart engineer guy not someone with a vendetta streamin evil lol

MrPlastic02/21/2021 15:35

Based on what ive understood on the fallout, he really wants to prove that he has a superior product for the luxury EV space he wouldnt leave tesla if he didnt. Yes he is a great engineer and most engineers are introverts (which he is) and tends to enjoy the pleasure of sticking to their master plan and make it into reality. He could of just saw his golden ticket to fly since he pick up a lot of interest in his vision along the way.


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