02/21/2021 16:17

$Churchill Capital Corp IV does everyone in here realize Lucid still does not have a car on the road yet? Im justt as excited as the next person, but assuming it will be better than or the next Tesla is quite a stretch. I can’t wait to sell my 200 shares once the spike happens on news of the merger and buy back in once a corrextion tales place though!
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tre***com02/21/2021 17:17
they have a factory and a car on the road. they have not started selling to the masses yet. but they literally are going to be doing so soon


Mos***com02/21/2021 17:12
Theres a lot of teslas not on the road either bc they are broke


CalcRisk31602/21/2021 17:06
For every Ford there is a Chevy. Get it?


iluvbags02/21/2021 16:52
you know what to do baby😉💋


Clown hunter02/21/2021 16:44
do u r realize that u r a bagholder for amc and have no money to buy cciv? lol


LucidBabe202502/21/2021 16:38
Donyou realize that lucis have their own factory and Nio doesn't 🤣🤣


Bullmaster02/21/2021 16:33
You tralize how fast tesla made things happen? they litterally made a path and paved the road for companies like NIO and LUCID


Greasy Burgers02/21/2021 16:31
Do you realize a Big Mac isnt as big as a Quarter Pounder? #You’reATool


bearkillah02/21/2021 16:31
so are you saying tesla was 4k a share on it's ipo date. dumb shit this is a ground floor investment and already surpassed nio,xpeng,li and the list goes on. lol


SkeetyP02/21/2021 16:28
do you realize they already have a factory ready to roll? do you realize they have show rooms already? do you realize they are more ready to go than nio? lol. stfu

Jimmy Spacman02/21/2021 18:14

Sure bud.. Except for the fact that nio has literally sold over 100 thousand times the amount of cars Lucid has.

jam***com02/21/2021 16:44

I ordered a Lucid Air, therefore it's real.

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alb***com02/21/2021 16:26
you do realize Lucids CEO is the ex chief engineer of Tesla and he took a team of engineers with him. you also realize that it doesn't matter if its better that Tesla, it just has to be close and it will blow everyone else away. also the model Air will be first delivered to customers in the next few months. and their SUV is out in 2022 so...enjoy selling

Native-ninja02/21/2021 16:29

Yep, Im aware. Selling half of my position up 250% seems logical. I’m a fan of Lucid, just not naive.


LucidBabe202502/21/2021 16:26
sorry men
u missed the train
buy for 100 or GTFHO
it s backed by the Saudi money...will produce 400000 cars in 3 years...
suck it for now


Jbq***com02/21/2021 16:25
Try to out do the market makers Anschluss get f. Good luck.


Native-ninja02/21/2021 16:25
I think they’ll be successful, but the notion of them taking over the world is gonna leave lots of people dissapointed

mak***com02/21/2021 18:38

it doesn't ha e to take over the world. Just the US and after it does that... it will then move to the rest of the world. sorry you missed the boat 🚢

bearkillah02/21/2021 16:32

not necessarily were happy with the price surpassing nio.li.xpeng and all the us ev besides tesla


nomdutilisation02/21/2021 16:23
I'm with you. this is pure speculation and lucid might be a total bust without the ability to deliver what they're promising.

tre***com02/21/2021 17:22

not sure how you can say pure speculation. Nikola is what pure speculation looks like. this is definitely not that in any way. there is a company that has a product a way to deliver the product and goals. the only speculation is realy how well people are actually going to like them and from what I know alot of people like the company and ceo and realy like the car.

bearkillah02/21/2021 16:33

look at this guys post and his picks we know he ain't got no bag

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