02/21/2021 20:15

$Churchill Capital Corp IV if they annouce on tuesday will the price for the stock go down because people sold and then go back up or will it just keeo going up? i have shares rn but i wanna buy more so im wondering should i buy now or wait until it dips then buy? or should i sell at high then wait for it to dip then buy again?
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Jef***com02/21/2021 21:08
I was wondering the same thing as Im in at 33. I personally been watching this for awhile and think the hype will take it up to 70 pus. It may even hit 100 When announced but drip back down to high 50s or low 60s. Just my opinion though

nic***com02/21/2021 21:30

i was hoping itll go up then dip then shoot back up over time so i can sell high buy low then keep long term


GRAVITY 02/21/2021 20:51

nic***com02/21/2021 20:54



Johnny Pompeet 02/21/2021 20:31
there will be wild swings all week. just use your indicators and your best judgment and hammer those dips!!

nic***com02/21/2021 20:38

new trader here, got a good amount of shares but idk if it will shoot up then dip then shoot back up. cause if itll shoot up and dip then ill sell then buy low again


krf***com02/21/2021 20:25
remember if you sold Monday u can't get back inn again after Tuesday unless u have extra cash..

nic***com02/21/2021 20:30

got it thanks for reminder


Kyzer77702/21/2021 20:22
Where coukd you see that 2018 tesla chart?


956****10902/21/2021 20:17
reference tesla chart 2018

nic***com02/21/2021 20:22

where can i see the tesla 2018 chart?


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