02/22/2021 10:32

$Churchill Capital Corp IV I really thought comment sections would be full of people who are intelligent enough to discuss actual stocks on fundamentals and technical analysis and now i realize its like FB a bunch of trolls and sides on who stakes where. No wonder why real investors dont pay attention to comments and do their thing. You know if retail investors actually came together we all could understand those things a lot better.
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All Comments(14)

πŸ–•LUCKYHANDSπŸ–•02/23/2021 13:01
cash balance sheet huh🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑

Jmnofear9202/23/2021 14:03

Lol didnt i say this was kinda gonna happen. $15 billion evaulation at $10 and a $60 that made the company worth $90 billion definitely bot realistic.


epe***com02/22/2021 11:28
this is an information hub. if you're savvy enough it can be a useful tool. assimilate what is useful to you and discard the rest.

Jmnofear9202/22/2021 11:31

I agree it can be a useful tool but you canr scroll through all the comments to find post that are actually worth value anymore. you have to constantly be in the comments looking for the gold mines. Just trying to shed some light on what it could be used for instead of internet trolls


Berlios02/22/2021 10:43
Been calling this out for a while... grats to those that joined in.

Jmnofear9202/22/2021 10:50

350 shares congrats. Im in several discords that called this at $12. Not trying to knock your position but you recognize the trend. πŸ™πŸ»


Kriswy02/22/2021 10:41
This is pumped by social media now. what do you expect ?

Jmnofear9202/22/2021 10:42

thats a good point


FortuneTrader02/22/2021 10:38
this is not for weak hands... this is the spac... THE SPAC ..got it🀑

Jmnofear9202/22/2021 10:42

Weak hands 🀣 i have heard that before on GME

Nio02/22/2021 10:39



Franklin02/22/2021 10:36
People are emotional and biased, especially when it comes to money. There are a lot of complete nuts on here.

Jmnofear9202/22/2021 10:39

I was thinking the same thing.


F*****02/22/2021 10:36
Soo u claim to be a real investor or one of Us ? Because real investor dont waste their times commenting either ! Based on all ur post u are one of us, so again get with the progam or move on trollclown

Jmnofear9202/22/2021 10:48

Hey thanks for understanding. i appreciate it. Its for research for the psycology of trading in 2021 book i am writing.

F*****02/22/2021 10:44

Whatt ?? Oh i get it u are obviously here for the wrong reasons. U just wat to debate and argue πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚! Ight my bad dude

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bearkillah02/22/2021 10:35
yeah your all you idiots posts says your a hypocrite

Jmnofear9202/23/2021 14:03

So hey didnt i warn you all

Jmnofear9202/22/2021 10:40

Especially that you cant read. seeing as i have told you mulitple times that i dont state a position in this company

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bearkillah02/22/2021 10:34
all negative comments we don't give a fck about your thoughts go comment on youtube or reddit for that

Set8019?02/22/2021 10:54

This guy picks the hottest stocks and comments on them like he buy on the low

Jmnofear9202/22/2021 10:41

Lol you are really stuck on me arent you. you know its already past valentines day.


πŸ–•LUCKYHANDSπŸ–•02/22/2021 10:34
We can never be like them investors. they have tools we dont have access too. they arent that much better. they are just given better resources.

Jmnofear9202/22/2021 10:37

Not fully true. I mean you can pay for those types of things that arent that very expensive and if you register under a LLC you can write most of those expenses off to help you on tax breaks.


bearkillah02/22/2021 10:34
yup we love trashing bears like you.

EarlyPineapple 02/22/2021 11:12

well said

Set8019?02/22/2021 10:58

There is no We. Youre a lonely broke disturbed individual trying to bully someone in the comment section and We are all mocking you. Look at yourself in the mirror and make a change.

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