02/22/2021 19:28

$Churchill Capital Corp IV

Holding 1000 shares at $15. This is my due dilligence to where I see this stock will be heading into. Rumor is that CCIV will be recieving 15 billion worth of stock from Lucid. As of right now, CCIV is sitting at a $15 billion valuation so yes, it is priced in. The bears are right.

If you think a spac can trade higher than the deal value is, I’ll give you several examples with other ev spacs.
PDAC Deal value: $650 million
PDAC Current market cap: $425 million

SNPR Deal value: $1.4 billion
SNPR Current market cap: $558 million

If you have a higher iq than the room temperature, then you can see the pattern. And It should be noted that the spacs I listed already have Products just like Lucid.

Summary: If the deal is valued at $15 billion, then yes this is the top. If the deal valued more, then it’ll correlate to a higher price. Don’t be left holding the bags.
Disclaimer: The comments, opinions and analysis expressed herein are for informational and educational purposes only and shoulk not be considered as individual investment advice or recommendations. Webull is not responsible or liable in any way for comments posted by pur users.


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DumbGrunt02/22/2021 19:39
The valuation is irrelevant. If you plannin in holding this stockk for 6 months than yeah sure sell it. lol There coupd be a dip... The valuation of this company in the near future will far surpass Nio. So silly to sell when you cant be certain of valuation and how in the long term your talking a possible miner percentage drop in atock price. So risk losing your posiotion for a potential minor dip? Crazy talk.


DumbGrunt02/22/2021 19:32
Ive been being told im going to be a bag holder ever since I first purchased this stOck. Lots of smart people decided this wasnt a buy. there is absolutely no reason not to hold this stock. You logic is flawed.

WSB Mod02/22/2021 19:36

Back up your reasoning.


Gles02/22/2021 19:32
We won't know until the details of the deal are released. It can go either way still.

WSB Mod02/22/2021 19:35

I agree thats what I said. But rumors are very accurate. I’ve been in several spacs and as of right now, rumors are 100% accurate especially because these news articles Are talking to directors And board members


nuf***com02/22/2021 19:32
We don’t give a flying rat’s ass about their valuation. The valuation in the very near future is more then that. Possibly way more in just a short time. Why don’t people get it that this can run and never look back most likely

WSB Mod02/22/2021 19:34

Who is we? Seems like your buddies are also selling when the market cap is reaching above 15.5 billion


web***com02/22/2021 19:29
sell your shit then take profit

MVProokie02/22/2021 19:32

I conquer. Better be careful you don’t upset the forum thread 😳

Mar***com02/22/2021 19:31


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$AMC Ent Holdg my first time making banana bread, only apes can have some.OfficialTexas1 03/02/2021 23:41
$XPENG INC. - 50% of my portfolio is XPEV. I am down 16k in this acct and 10k in other acct - total 26k just on XPEV. My portfolio down by 40k in one month.

But I am not worried at all. Stocks go down and will come back up eventually. Invest in a good company. You’ll not loose untill you sell in loss. If possible avg down, if no money then just hold. delete the app and come back in a month or 2.

I know many of us are down. dont think u are alone and getting beat by the market day after day. I am with you, We are all in this together. stay strong my brothers from another mother. we are up against invisible forces trying to manipulate the market, shorting stocks and triggering the stop losses. Dont panic sell and give your hard earned money to those invisible Evil forces.

Tomorrow will be good, next week will be wonderfull, next month will be awesome. pretty soon we’ll all be smiling again👍.

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