L.A. Trader

02/23/2021 00:35

$Churchill Capital Corp IV This is why I don't sell a single stock from CCIV. Only retail traders or small players are securing their profit. This sell-off is normal. Financial Institutions are still holding their shares worth Billions. By the EOD or tomorrow, this should recover and go back up. Stay away from emotions and hold strong.
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All Comments(8)

Quick Money02/23/2021 01:51
I have 25 share@59.60 i want to add 100 more.At what price I should add 100

L.A. Trader02/23/2021 13:44

anywhere from 33 to 40 is good entry

L.A. Trader02/23/2021 13:43

for me, I would add more volume at the current price to ave down.


L.A. Trader02/23/2021 00:55
This guy also understood how it works. Good job brother.


Mad Maudo02/23/2021 00:53
Thanks LA ! 😎


hovs02/23/2021 00:45
This will not recover by tomorrow.. dont lie to your followers. This is how SPACs are traded unfortunately. It will slowly bleed.

L.A. Trader02/23/2021 00:47

Go back to your Nikola. Lol. I save this comment for everyone's entertainment tomorrow.


Scott00702/23/2021 00:39
this guy knows his shit. I'm telling you. he alerted to cciv a long time ago


JamesInvestmentBond02/23/2021 00:39
Apparently some of the wording for reports was misleading. Some terminology led people to believe the deal fell through after it was confirmed. I agree it will go back up, I’m still holding strong!


Stacey02/23/2021 00:38


mohaque02/23/2021 00:37
are you sure lol I sold off of thinking the deal backed off but then I read the news again


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