02/23/2021 06:02

$Churchill Capital Corp IV 24B at 15$ means a 40$ price brings current valuation To 64B on a company that hasn‘t started delivering cars yet. the problem is not That Lucid received a high valuation. The problem is CCIV valued Lucid LESS than what it is currently trading at, which is why it Dropped 30%, and it still has another 50-65% it needs to drop to meet the valuation CCIV gave of lucid. look for reentry around 20$
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Milkmoney02/23/2021 06:16
So if it's called at 12B that's 80 share... Then if you read the filing ull see it was never 25B.


628****08102/23/2021 06:09
Jesus. How man people are going to come on here and say that crap BS your trying to spew? Thats not what and where the $15 comes from. Cut that crap out. If you have nothing to say then don't make something up

702****82902/23/2021 06:33

Wow u knew it was gonna crash ur a proPhet mannnn its actuall6 16.5bil per 10 bux this is gonna go right back to where it was trust and if u dont just go invest in ford or gm

ago***edu02/23/2021 06:11

Did you buy at 60? 😂 i literally spent all day telling everyone in this chat that it was to crash today, dont get salty with me young man


San***com02/23/2021 06:06
lucid overvalued itself and came in at $24 billion instead of 15.

if it were to come in at 15 it would mean our shares are worth more.

Def not going to 20 I don't seenit going under 34 and if it does I'm going all in.

Milkmoney02/23/2021 06:17

Read page 62.


Macho bull02/23/2021 06:04


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