L.A. Trader

02/23/2021 13:57

$Churchill Capital Corp IV Like I said, this will recover and continue its uptrend. This is company offers great long term investment. Do not miss the biggest opportunity. Let the traders take their small profit. If youre position is above $50, you can always add more volume to ave down your position. Buying somewhere between 33 - 40 is a good entry. I totally understand how you feel right now but relax, have some coffee and stay away from emotions. We got this! Be blessed as always. πŸ™ L.A. Trader.
Churchill Capital Corp IV-0
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bob***com02/23/2021 19:02
people are still holding onto this company? πŸ€£πŸ˜‚


hovs02/23/2021 14:04
Your followers will hate you when this is down another 15% today. the whole market is bleeding and you expect a SPAC to recover? 🀑

XvDevX02/23/2021 19:11

it ain’t no spac no more smh, yes the name hasn’t changed but merger is confirmed


L.A. Trader02/23/2021 14:00
Follow me on twitter, drop by and say hi to at "LaTradr". Send your email at latrader.official@gmail and be part of my team.


EyE02/23/2021 14:00
Appreciate you keeping their heads up during unexpected times like this. You have good leadership traits. I hope that those who follow you get rich with you. πŸ™πŸ’Ž

L.A. Trader02/23/2021 14:12

Thanks for the compliment. We are all in this together, there is strength in numbers. It feels good when you're helping others who are in need. Been there. It wasn't easy.


I Lose Money02/23/2021 13:59
Cool lines, I bet they work at least 30% of the time


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