05/27/2020 10:17

$Carnivl $Nrwn Crs Ln Hldg $17-18 is the new steady low. wont go down as much. next week will be $25-30. and may stay around that price. Next year will be $45-50 🚀🚀🤑🚀
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zac***edu05/27/2020 10:59
the major news will be when ports open up.


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options lesson #1 What is Delta in options?
Delta is one of the “Greeks” used in options..its most commonly known for being an indication of how much your option is expected to move with every dollar the stock moves. for example an option with a delta of .60 would gain $60 for every $1 move. But a very interesting fact about Delta that most people don’t know is that Delta is also an indicator of the probability Of your out of the money option becoming in the money by expiration. for example an option with a Delta of .30 has about a 30% chance to expire in the money(in the money means past your strike price) a more formal/official explanation of this phenomenon is “The in-the-money values increase by $1 while the out-of-the-money values remain unchanged (worthless). By linearity of expectation, the change in option delta therefore equals the in-the-money probability” using this information you can make a better educated decision on which strike price to pick.. like for example helping you avoid buying very risky option contracts with less than 10% chance to expire in the money.. i hope this breakdown of the option Greek called Delta And its special uses Helps anyone. if you guys like these explanations ill do more about the greeks Theta and Gamma. Good Luck trading the F.A.N.G earnings tomorrow!!🤙🤞

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$Northern Dyn Many of you probably don't even understand what a big deal this, but its huge for nearly every mining company. Nearly 100% of rare earth minerals are imported from China. With US-China tension rising this has created a huge void in our supply of rare earth minerals. China basically has the monopoly on this. Not just Graphite, but the phone your using uses rare earth metals like gold for semiconductors. The demand for rare earth minerals stims behind just Graphite, nearly every electronic in your houses uses something. This is a really big deal. Pressure to get this mine operational soon is only going to be increasing. Expect RoD approval soon.

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