11/17/2020 20:52

$Carnival For the ones saying a vaccine wont be ready until late 2021/ early 2022, Companies like inovio and pfizer and moderna were granted Federal funds to begin manufacturing thier vaccine as early as August ghis year!!!! “ Essential personnel” and ”high risk” citizens could be given vaccine as early as december/january.
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rob***com11/17/2020 21:35
the august thing was for volunteers for phase 3 human clinical trials.


SoCosaFare11/17/2020 21:01
so at what point will people rush to get on cruises

SoCosaFare11/17/2020 22:28

i understand that you and your wife love cruises, people love life more than cruises. I have long position here, but it seems over bought for the time being, why I'm playing puts. I can't see profits being great and expect quarter to be bad. I'll buy in lower

Lee11/17/2020 21:28

Im not cruising for a long ass time lmao

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📈Raining_mula📉11/17/2020 20:54
imagine ceo selling shares on a miRacle vaccine

Jinhomc11/17/2020 21:53

How is that legal...

SeasonalChef44511/17/2020 21:51

shit, if I was him, I'd sell too.

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