🎲 SpudZone

11/13/2020 22:43

$Chembio My most recent LONG was $Aptevo and that printed 1200%+ in 5 days for premiumm memberss. I am paytient with CEMI, not looking for 1200% lol, but solid company 20-50%+. Great news with a TON of approvals coming As you saw tonight, Know what you own - Vanguard, Blackrock and large tutes here buying in recently. Stay tuned πŸ€‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
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ite***com11/14/2020 01:55
Hey spudzone do you have a premium section and a link?

🎲 SpudZone11/14/2020 02:06

Yes email spudtrades1@gmail.(om for my group linkk


Noa***com11/13/2020 23:43
So how bad are the markets right now? I started doing this close to two montha ago and i was making good gains pretty often but now just breaking even and no good gains for like 3 Weeks


kentoe-green11/13/2020 23:42
that's something. i remember when you and i got a lot of money on (OBLIN) i believe is what it was. you have definitely been busy with the people on the market. and to think 30g used to be so much money.. good times I'm glad to see your doing well with it all and wish you the best of luck with the new year approaching i hope you and your fellas keep seeing green for years to come

🎲 SpudZone11/13/2020 23:47

Thank tou πŸ»πŸ™ you as well


Bluenight 11/13/2020 22:59
Why would a company announce this kind of news late on a Friday ? Especially in these markets not knowing what Monday will bring?


IAmTrading11/13/2020 22:56
@@🎲 SpudZone hey spud, what happened What happened to CODX?? do you still think it’ll go up? Any PT?

FASSTMOVIN11/13/2020 23:23

Codx long here as well.

FASSTMOVIN11/13/2020 23:22

Cemi has been my most profitable trade all year. Thx SO MUCH BY THE WAY @SPUDZONE

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Investor10111/13/2020 22:48
paper trade?

Brian11/13/2020 22:50

Spud is a big boy trader

🎲 SpudZone11/13/2020 22:50

No that would be real money, like the money you get at an atm...


Treysingz 11/13/2020 22:44
You think this will run monday?

🎲 SpudZone11/13/2020 22:45

Eh yeah could see 10-15% easily. What that shows me is they may be close to U.S antigen approval, only 6 in the world right now


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