11/30/2020 20:39

Should get my $100 per day goal here as a Novice trader during PH here. 3-7% gains and im out. Compounding small gains over a Long period of time. All the Trading books that ive been reading explain that most Traders fail by just jumping into the Market and gambing all their money away, they go down Huge within The first couple months, get discouraged then Quit. The ones that stick it out get back to Even with a new and improved Understanding of the Market by going thru these tough trading lessons and that is exactly where I feel like I am at now. Im starting to understand the Market and how it works, what catalystS to watch for, good entry and exits, trading styles that suit ME, etc. This really has nothing to do with bow Intelligent minded you are, all about discipline and staying Educated! Cant wait to get to Unlimited Day Trades, i feel like I can make a Killing once i reach 25k. #TradeLikeASniper #BaseHits

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All Comments(35)

Senna12/01/2020 15:12
how soon


nomobags12/01/2020 09:27
good for you, i implemented this strategy several days back. Setting a daily goal that I must meet and when I do im done, cutting my risk down drastically and I've watched my account grow daily while cutting losses quickly. The end goal is what I'm looking for. The get rich quick is a fairytale while slow and steady builds accounts.


Please be kind 💚12/01/2020 05:53
I was thinking the same thing today! thanks


Thomas12/01/2020 03:55
In 6 Months I have turned 300 Into 8,800 missed out on about 80,000 because i was impatient and took gains to quickly... stock were SPI in at 1.09 sold at 5 1,500 shares. VVPR in at .80 sold at 3.50 and 5.00 and NEO 1.50 3.50 then 2.00 to 5.00 and some others that got pumped like DWP sold the friday before it pumped on Monday had 1000+ shares 🤪😭

Thomas12/01/2020 04:23

Ive put this on watch a week ago i have a buy order set 👌

Thomas12/01/2020 03:57

Cant forget Sgbx has made me over 3,500 starting with 300 when it was only .65 😍

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ARareEarthCult12/01/2020 03:53
keep with your strategy but it won't hurt to make some riskier plays what's some good growth potential with portions of profits. I do a similar strategy on this account building it from 1K 25k is the goal. 16.2k right now with 3k in plays and 13.2 in Cap

OwenTrades12/01/2020 14:12

Nice man! Lets get it

ARareEarthCult12/01/2020 03:58

I'm gonna bet big on AREC though. We gonna blow 25k out the water. 😉

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AdvancedBotAlerts@gmail12/01/2020 03:12
I feel you guys can really gain from our alert system, come try us out for 1 week. email me ADVANCEDBOTALERTS@GMAIL dot COM


Houstonian12/01/2020 01:57
being on webull for a couple of months but today is a first day of actual day trading. nothing crazy but gotta start somewhere


bbs***com12/01/2020 01:46
do you also swing trade or only day trade? I have the same goal.

OwenTrades12/01/2020 14:13



PJ Tiny Face12/01/2020 00:35
Great job! I always take a look when you tag something. Work your strategy and dont pay attention to haters. Green is always good!


Jon***com12/01/2020 00:27
Forget 100$ a day how about 500$

Twr***com12/01/2020 03:08

That aint shit 😂


slaptheask12/01/2020 00:02
great job, one of my main mistakes is not honoring stop losses cause I think I'm right. not the case, the market is the one that is always right. keep it up! and honor the stops.


one***com11/30/2020 23:55
Yes u can I am right there with u .


TonyF11/30/2020 23:50
im new also ans just signed up a little over a week ago. Bought about 5 stocks from members comments but also read the profile to see if i was interested in the company. A 100 a day wousl be perfect. I know i need to learn a fre things loke financials , graphs, etc. I feel like i already have FOMO from the fee stocks ive seen and wanted to get into but then others pop up thst sound promising as well. Im more of a long hold mentality but ill take little profits here and there.


Abc11/30/2020 23:45
None of you have any skill. its a bull market being pumped by taxdollars.

ARareEarthCult12/01/2020 04:02

this dude probably lost the lot shorting the market

ARareEarthCult12/01/2020 04:01

I'm guessing you banked off the Apple calls today then? cuz that was about the easiest play. I could see it from a mile away

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701****33511/30/2020 23:14
I'm with ya bro. almost a full year too and I'm exactly in the same position. taking gains and trying not to get the fomo. finally getting the entry and exit points. lots of studying and learning!!! not giving up!!

OwenTrades11/30/2020 23:27

Lets prevail! Lol best of luck


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