01/07/2021 12:03

There are some things in this world I dont understand. Like why they sell hot dogs in packages of 8 and hot god buns in packages of 6. Or why we swing traders use stop losses. There are so many people who see a stock dip 10% and say “Oh dear God its headed to zero!” And panic sell or trigger their stop loss. The crazy thing is 80% of the time if you just held the position another month, you would make a profit!!!

Dont let clowns call you “bag holders.” Its your money, you are in control.

Stay classy swingers.

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tec***com01/07/2021 21:43
Spoken like an "investor". Im not an investor, I'm a trader. The problem is the other 20% of the time it stays low, or keeps going lower for months, or months and months! The point is if you cut your losses and take that money and put it somewhere else you can easily, and likely more quickly make up for that loss and then some.


junior22001/07/2021 16:20
I've never seen a 6 pack of buns. i get the point but 10 dogs to 8 buns.


jef***com01/07/2021 15:08
Well said


Him01/07/2021 14:26
stop spamming bs

B U L L I S H01/07/2021 15:34

Just report this person So they could block him


Dac***com01/07/2021 14:23
Unles it's nikola lol that was trash I never trusted.


James King01/07/2021 14:08
There are different ways to do it that work
,,, why do people eat hot dogs
( there is a 16 pack of dogs i think lol)
Capitol Ish

James King01/07/2021 14:10

I used the sl when i figured it out ,, did well but now i never use it


SimpleTrader01/07/2021 14:00
Okay though I agree not everyone strat is the same and some lack the patience and just want to play the game...I will give you an example If you held Estsy like I called at 13 you would have a ton of money and that's true but if you were in and out if Etsy correctly during all the dips and highs you would have 100 times that amount.. I've made 100 percent with one stock in a year cause of it's dips and highs..That stock ended making 35 percent return that year..So in conclusion do you but me open minded to the more aggressive hustlers in the game


Spiderman01/07/2021 13:05
there are 8 pack buns to.


aimatirós lýkos 🐺01/07/2021 12:29
Its all calculated my friend. you must buy 3 packages of hotdogs and 4 packages of buns to use them all 🤑🤔 thats a lotta dog.
Also, since were talking about meats, hamburger is definitely beef. not ham. I rest my case.

Buddha01/07/2021 17:43

who says hamburger like really

Heppy01/07/2021 12:38

And hotdogs are possibly dog... 🤷🏽‍♂️


wildflower01/07/2021 12:29
everyone knows it's cuz you always lose a couple on the grill and the dogs get to eat them, they don't care about a bun haha


fordshelby01/07/2021 12:17
This is true 🤙


503****00601/07/2021 12:12
Your posts crack me up btw, read through some of thr others just now. A witty SOB you are! 🙌🏼🔥

boy***com01/07/2021 12:13

Thank you...I try!


gL01/07/2021 12:11
Why do we drive on a parkway and park on a driveway? Mind boggling!

ros***com01/07/2021 12:29



503****00601/07/2021 12:10
Lost my ass swing trading $Li Auto Inc. with no stop in place, lesson learned so I always set some kind stop now to mitigate overall risk on any given stock, though I tend to set it at more of a break even with my entry price if a stock is moving in a positive direction and I dont want to lose my position unintentionally selling off too soon. Unorthodox I know but works for me most days


Lookituponyourphone01/07/2021 12:09
The hot dog thing is a legitimate question, sounds to me like a racket by the bread companies.


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