01/07/2021 15:12

In the Serengeti zebras and antelope follow “herd mentality.” They do this to stay alive. If one member stampedes, for any reason at all, they all stampede. Many times they all stampede due to a false alarm. So many traders are antelopes. They chase trends and are manipulated by what people say or what they tell them to do.

I prefer to be a lion. The lion watches and waits and the strikes when he wants to. He is the master of his fate and so are you.

Its your money and you are in control.

Stay classy swingers.

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All Comments(12)

jsr***com01/17/2021 09:05
Nice. Some people never learn


sli***com01/10/2021 01:42
well said


RedX01/07/2021 16:29
pretty sure lions are facing extinction. just a heads up


Laniakea01/07/2021 16:07
Hahahah question for the wise, how should we evaluate what Mullen is worth right now?


Mike Toimil 01/07/2021 15:32
Hakuna matata!!


Crassus01/07/2021 15:24
I prefer to be a sloth........Goodnight 😑

James King01/07/2021 15:30

A bullriding robot sloth


UpYerzSkool01/07/2021 15:24
Actually, it’s the girl lions who do most of the hunting. The male waits until his posse of ladies pulls down some sick hoofstock. Then he goes and eats what he wants. Maybe some sexual relations with one or two of them. Probably eat a kid that isn’t his to enSure that his bloodline stays dominant. Rinse and repeat. Soooo, your personifying a lion as a successful stock trader is STILL kind of accurate. Keep it up Simba.

0446.2334.2123.2265.5545.013901/07/2021 16:11

facts dude is a lady lion

SC bsully93701/07/2021 15:35

did you just say hoofstock 🤣


Exponential Ascent01/07/2021 15:22
Less typing, more research


gen***com01/07/2021 15:19
crazy, some of the things I read


Black Gold oilfield supply01/07/2021 15:14
nice post


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