01/11/2021 00:44

$Moleculin The team is always blessed with the best calls. I put in more work then anyone I know.
Batting a 97 percent success rate. 570 230 4766. My plays... Almost 30 years into financial consulting.
Rules: 5 buys to average up or down.
Don't buy bc I tagged them. I have much lower averages then displayed.
Have a mindset your going to Double up within 45 days. Because we do. Many times. $$Qualigen Therapeutics Inc $SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. $Gores Holdings IV, Inc. $Hyliion Holdings Corporation $Sorrento Thera $Chembio $Tonix
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All Comments(13)

eva***com01/11/2021 22:50
How do I join the team ?

Mark01/12/2021 01:15

Text the number and we’ll discuss if its right for you Thanks


Not buffet01/11/2021 11:43
You in Avinger mark?

Mark01/11/2021 11:45

Back in 19s-22 Not currently


Not buffet01/11/2021 11:42
Ive done a couple plays suggested by mark, hit everytime


zx1***com01/11/2021 09:54
97% success rate? 🤦🤷‍♂️ 30 years of that? come on guy, I got an ocean view condo in colorado. even in the .000081% chance that was true, being braggadocios is unbecoming and very well points out that your lying. well played sir well played 🤦

Mark01/11/2021 11:44

I got a block button and calls to back that up Fairwell and god bless.


Jon***com01/11/2021 03:49
Do you think 2/19 17.5c call is a good ine for monday?

Mark01/11/2021 12:46

Yes. wait for a dip.


Koh***com01/11/2021 03:46
Is that your phone #

Mark01/11/2021 03:47

Yes K


Bobby Axelrod01/11/2021 02:10
Your from Pittston? My mom is from pittston and my brother


Bobby Axelrod01/11/2021 02:09
You from Luzerne County??

nobagsjustswings01/11/2021 18:05

I grew up in williamsport...went to loyalsock two high school...small world!

Mark01/11/2021 02:14



Matt 01/11/2021 01:19

Tom***com01/11/2021 07:43

you might not want to block him look at the track record first.


Mr.Market01/11/2021 01:01
Mark is the mann guys!


Thank you


pav***com01/11/2021 00:55
I have Jan 15 15c Gore Calls, bought them after seeing your year end review. My avg cost is 0.68, down 60%, will I be good?

Mark01/11/2021 00:58

look for no later then 1 pm Wednesday

Mark01/11/2021 00:56

mine are .30. you will be ok. secure profits!!!


Serafin01/11/2021 00:50
Northeastern PA number. Grew up with a 570 area code 😎

Mark01/11/2021 01:07

Yes. we're an hour away! I'm just west.

Serafin01/11/2021 00:57


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smi***com01/11/2021 00:49
Interested but also confused...

Mark01/11/2021 00:53

Just scroll down my account. In December I called 20 plays. All 20 hit big. I do this for a living with a small group.. Serious investor's. Number is posted.


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