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01/13/2021 17:11

$Chembio finally decided to avg up on my shares from 4.80s. Now low 5s avg, I think news will come soon 3 months since Antigen submission, typically 90-120 day turn around and 7.50 CALLS have been very active for Feb, stay PAYtient and ALWAYS beat the crowd. Been here for 8 months, well worth the wait on this LONG play, no rush 💪🍻

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mom***com01/13/2021 21:39
spud...got new phone having trouble with my account. Where do I go for help?


samnosbit 01/13/2021 20:06
$Chembio this ticker has been great for my small account....selling as many pumps as I can while trying to time these approvals. thanks Mr. 🥔


Cyanide stocks01/13/2021 19:10
you've all been spud zoned... lol
this is going nowhere. easy too long for it to jump 10 dollars. many people could've made money by now. never been in this ticker, glad I haven't. it's like promising a kid a present for 6 months. by the time he gets it, there no joy or hype... this one sucks

X01/14/2021 13:42


Jol***com01/13/2021 22:54

Spud turned the group on to this months ago. Buy low sell the spikes. RandR! If u have not made money on this then that’s on you as a trader. Btw suck a 🍆

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hachi01/13/2021 17:32
Still in $Gevo ?


Will I Am01/13/2021 17:15
Been here 5 months and averaging up as well. really liked that pop this morning. thanks Spud.


mme***com01/13/2021 17:13
Post in Chembio. not here

Slip Shot01/13/2021 17:15

Why would you say that... he is trying to help you make money


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