02/19/2021 22:00

There was once a group of boys who often got into mischief. They particularly liked to mess up the lawns in the neighborhood and trash them to the dismay of the homeowners. Some of the men tried to threaten the group, others tried building fences, but nothing seemed to work. Finally, a little old woman who lived at the end of the block stopped the boys one day and said "Boys, I need your help. You are strong and it is clear others look up to you. I have an issue with people walking through my gardens and lawn. I would really appreciate if you could make sure that doesn't happen again."

Never again did one single soul disturb that woman's yard, or anyone else's on the block. It took a completely different mentality and temperament to do so. Strangely, stocks are the same way. We so often want to control them, threaten to sell them, and build a stubborn fence around them that defies all logic. Yet, they continue to ignore all of those forces.

Perhaps by opening our eyes to looking at stocks as volatile and wild, we can understand that by engaging with them, examining them, and being patient with them, they can truly become rewarding and not damaging. You may not be a little old lady, but you can be as wise as one...and much richer too.

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PlumbBob197902/20/2021 00:42
awesome. keep it up. dont forget about support.com


LB10102/19/2021 22:55
just copy and paste... I have seen this exact quote in 2 other chats. lol

Rifleman Dollarous Edd02/20/2021 11:59


ConvictionContrarian02/19/2021 23:01

Its one post with multiple tickers but hey glad were in the same stocks!


Watchin’ Pennies02/19/2021 22:28
Love it. Are you on Clubhouse yet???


CIRE4ALL02/19/2021 22:26


Weak Handz02/19/2021 22:18
here's my nursery rhyme story for the HF's...

Hit-m-hard02/21/2021 20:26

I about fell out of my seat when I read your reply!! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

diezel8802/19/2021 22:47


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Always something02/19/2021 22:10
Parables work - Reminds me of someone else that spoke in parablesβ€”-i like your style and inspiration does move me brightly... but not all will hear- good stuff think I miggt follow

ConvictionContrarian02/19/2021 22:10

πŸ‘ thank you for reading!


Long term Investor02/19/2021 22:07
just bought 900 shares


digital pharaoh02/19/2021 22:05
yes sir!


Jakeof All Trades02/19/2021 22:05
Subscribe to this person if you want level 10 quotes.


StockyBull02/19/2021 22:03
so good

ConvictionContrarian02/19/2021 22:06

Thank you


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