02/22/2021 12:39

Two friends were out playing golf. One had recently become engaged to be married and was extolling the virtues of his wife and what an amazing influence she had become in his life. "She's my best friend," he said. The other man said "No, I think a dog is a man's best friend." The engaged man looked at him incredulously, "What? No my wife is and always will be." The other man quipped, "Try this, lock your wife and your dog in the trunk of your car, come back in an hour and see which one is happier to see you."

We all have the ability to achieve greatness in the market and our stocks and what we put our mind to. It does help, though, to surround ourselves with people who ARE successful, whether they be a spouse, a trusted advisor, or yes, a pet. Playing the market is hard enough by ourselves, and we all will look from time to time to others to point out good plays, remind us of our investing values and spread wisdom.

Successful people will always tell you you can do something. It’s the people who have never accomplished anything who will always discourage you from trying to achieve excellent things. Remember, everyday somebody does something great. Today just may be your day. Welcome to the arena, and a fresh week, Gladiators.

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Triple ?⚱️?⚱️?02/22/2021 18:36
Dogs are servants, wives are equals. Get your analogy right. a servant is fed and housed while a wife is your equal in family duty and lifely duty. of course any human would be mad. a dog does what its told,

.................and my wife gets what she wants. hahahahaha

ConvictionContrarian02/22/2021 18:44

Relax buddy its a joke and one that has been told many times. Its not an anology, its humor to prove a bigger point. Theres other ways to spend your time than overanalyzing a joke...like your holdings...or your wife!


Triple ?⚱️?⚱️?02/22/2021 18:24
heres an analogy, throw a bone far away and see who will run away from you first. your wife or your dog.

looks like your wife is a better friend

G Train02/23/2021 14:54

Terrible analogy lol


slamurai02/22/2021 16:13
If you surround yourself with people that follow you as blindly as a dog you'll never be good at anything. Get friends that challenge you.


Dirty McGyver02/22/2021 16:01
The man doesn’t have a wife. You started the joke by saying he had just become engaged to be married. Misinformation is what leads to bad decisions

ConvictionContrarian02/22/2021 17:32

Monstrous difference between a joke meant to illustrate a bigger point and poor stock advice. Your analogy is so far fetched its laughable. Your mistake would lose people money, mine is only irritating one person.

Dirty McGyver02/22/2021 17:13

LIttle hole??? The whole joke is about his wife when he doesn’t have one. “You should buy Chembio Feb $7.5 Calls. Oh did I say Calls? I ment to say Puts. Damn those little details”

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VincentVega02/22/2021 15:44
if you lock your wife in the trunk.. your best friend will be Baba your new roommate....


Triple ?⚱️?⚱️?02/22/2021 15:08

Triple ?⚱️?⚱️?02/22/2021 18:22

My wife is better than any dog. Not a great analogy

Bench02/22/2021 15:18

Shut up nerd


Hochimin02/22/2021 14:32


ChoooooChooooo02/22/2021 13:53


Vee02/22/2021 12:56
Grrat lesson

ConvictionContrarian02/22/2021 13:57



chr***com02/22/2021 12:54
this ^ ^ ^ ^


Diamond Ape02/22/2021 12:46

fen***com02/22/2021 12:49

Lol! ☝️👍👍👍


MoneyBlinded02/22/2021 12:42

ConvictionContrarian02/22/2021 13:57

Yes sir!


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