md khan

01/06/2021 03:11

$Bionano Genomics
Sorry for give you guys bad news.
it is going more down. may be pre-market start with $2.50 or less. so do not panic. hold it and buy more. we are going up like double digit by next week.
in that time, play with -
$Check Cap
$Ocugen Inc
$Conatus Pharmaceuticals
$Zomedica Corp and
$Naked Brand all of them going atleast 40-80% or more 400% up.
today i will give you guys more updated before pre-market
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stupot01/06/2021 05:07


md khan01/06/2021 05:09

it is gold. who ever hold until next week.. huge gain. just hold.


pol***com01/06/2021 03:53
I think ZOM will hit hard in March. I have alot of stock in them. who shoots up first? Naked Brand or ZOM? Trying to determine which should have a stronger position in my portfolio sooner.

md khan01/06/2021 04:01

Buy Both. Nobody can catch you. atleast 1200% going up withing 3 months. depends on how tight you guys are. if you guys scared and do panic, price gonna be drop. happy with long jurney. both are strong penny stock.


All In With E01/06/2021 03:45
looking forward to any dip πŸ˜€πŸ‘Œand that CHEK is a big BANGRR!


BullPuts01/06/2021 03:30


ahm***com01/06/2021 03:18
Great πŸ‘πŸ» Sounds cool, hey do uou also mind if i make a suggestion on the next atock you might reccomend??

Look up tIcker symbol $GTFO, i hear Its really about to make a 200%+ Run, better hurry or youll miss out!

GetGreat01/06/2021 04:47



Juggalowe01/06/2021 03:16
u made this comment on many stocks foh


Dan***com01/06/2021 03:13


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