Gucci Patrince

11/16/2020 01:38

WL Week of Nov. 15

Premarket momentum:
HPR - another recent reverse split with a great looking daily chart. Will be watching for a momo run continuation in pre but too high up here to start the swing.
Entry would be on a pullback to 4. Support is at 3.99 and 3.76

VJET - decent AH moves on the low floater. News was pretty weak but it could go simply bc there’s not much else. Watch other 3D printing as sympathy... NNDM and SGLB.

INM - low float new IPO. Very low volume in AH but the ask was getting slapped high so I’m gonna watch this in pre anyways just in case.

Weekly watches:
KZIA - serious momentum here. Sort of reminds me of NTZ when it started to get going. 11.40 resistance and some in the mid 12s. Watching for a run to 15+ over the course of this week.

LYL - this one is heating up again. Either breaks down in the next day or two and finally comes down to test the 50 ema on the daily, or it runs through the 4.92-5 area and will get crazy. Very common u shape breakout on daily chart, keep on watch all week.

TCON - over 9 there’s a gap to 13 and when it got going last month it just kept rolling on fairly low volume. Don’t be surprised if it continues to flag and goes over 9. Entry would be on pullback to 6.5ish or break of 8.

CREG - weekly chart is really what caught my eye here. Would like for it to dip some to the 3.5 area for a swing play. Over 4.5-4.7 it’ll run hard. Low float.

EV plays: I love XPEV, LI, and NIO on pullbacks. Want to grab at least 2, maybe all 3 for long term holds. Will be watching all week to see if the selloff Friday was a one day thing or it’s an extended multi day reset. Entry areas along the daily 13 emas.

Other watches: AESE, MDLY, NCTY, PIXY (conference this week), TYHT, CHFS, NVIV (data due this month), ADTX, AHPI (possible bullish midcandle breakout), CPSH

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All Comments(8)

exp***com11/19/2020 19:10
Hey Gucci this is nice of you to help people. These days there are so many prix in this world and love to kick people when they are down so I just wanted to say its great to see the opposite hats off.Hope you all have a great week year and make tons of money.

DeanGilberry11/20/2020 07:29

Gucci what do you think of $OPTT

Gucci Patrince11/19/2020 19:18

Wow thank you so much my friend🙏🏻🥰. Hope you have a great year with solid gains as well! Keep working hard and thanks again for the kind words, really does mean alot


Meganstout11/17/2020 22:16
@Gucci Patrince - Can you look at DRRX? Lots of volume, for this ticker, since Friday. They have an investor conference I think on Friday. Two drugs of interest. I feel like it could take off if it had some AH volume. PT $7

Gucci Patrince11/18/2020 17:16

Hi Megan and the chart doesnt look bad as long as it can hold 1.59 and continue to build. If you take some risk off that level. The only problem is the float is massive, going to take a lot of volume to move it. If youre confident in your DD tho you can grab a small bag and carry into the drug releases. Just have a plan and follow it


Bullsdeep11/16/2020 12:14
we got paid😂 HPR was fire and ATHE ended up being a banger too

Gucci Patrince11/16/2020 15:23

Ayeeeeee. Payday son!!! Nice on HPR. Breaded on ATHE at open tho so Im happy. EV sector staying hot, at this point Im thinking these could churn for months what do ya think


Spe***com11/16/2020 11:12
Great insight. hoping for a sell off on nio and xpeng on open so i can hit and hold

Gucci Patrince11/16/2020 15:22



647****18111/16/2020 05:02
Ill be watching VJET premarket tomorrow. Lets all trade it and drive it up to $20.

Gucci Patrince11/16/2020 06:21

Oh Im down lol. Even a run to 17-18 would be awesome and its got the float to do it. Make premarket great again 😂


402Juice11/16/2020 02:48
Awesome man! thank you for the huge insight!!

ler***com11/18/2020 02:18

402? Do I know you? lol

Gucci Patrince11/16/2020 06:19

Preciate ya bro. Lets make some money😬


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